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This Creepy Dude Knows More About Your Gun Than Any Other Expert You Can Think Of!

When it comes to shopping for the best home defense weapon, you might think to look to the magazines… the crusty gun store expert… or even your local police.

Ask a thousand experts and you’ll get a thousand answers.

But I’ll bet you never thought of asking this person before…

Best Gun Expert Ever

When it comes to knowing exactly how well a handgun (or other weapon) can stop a violent attacker, one guy (or gal) sees the ultimate no b.s. proof…

…your local coroner!

He sees first hand just what certain bullets do the human body… and he sees what hydrostatic shock can do to organs a bullet never even touches.

You see, what really matters in a self-defense gun, therefore, is just how much hydrostatic shock (HSS) your gun can deliver.

That’s the shock wave that damages organs. The mushrooming of the bullet is caused by the presence of that shockwave.

It’s a SYMPTOM – not the reason – certain bullets and calibers perform better at putting a violent attacker down fast.

What stops a person, what really puts them down, is hydrostatic shock, and to deliver that shock, you’ve GOT To know what the stopping power and terminal ballistics of your chosen carry gun happen to be.

For a limited time, you can get our “Advanced Stopping Power” guide free…

I highly suggest you grab your copy now, before you find yourself under the gun or pointing your own weapon at a two-legged predator.

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