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MCS 192 – Surviving A Gunshot Wound In A Real Attack!

Ok, so you’re a dead-eye marksman down at the local gun range…

… your shot-groups are tighter than a Frenchman’s Speedo bathing suit…

… and you can change out a new magazine before the spent one hits the pavement.

You’re probably thinking of an attack scene where some criminal is stupid enough to approach you in a dark parking lot and your trusty sidearm lays waste to his evil plans just like you’ve rehearsed a million times.

But what if it doesn’t play out in your favor?

What if YOU get shot?  Or your spouse? Your kid? Other victims around you as an active shooter unloads all his psychotic frustration on innocent bystanders?

Would you know how to treat a traumatic gunshot wound until First Responders can take over?

You will after this week’s podcast episode with Dr. David Pruett!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • “Gunshot” first aid gear you should have instant access to when you leave the house each day!
  • Gun wounds vs. knife wounds: The difference is drastic… and you’ll need to avoid these fatal mistakes!
  • How to assess wounds like an Emergency Room doctor so you can spring into action fast!
  • The truth about tourniquets… and how (and how NOT) to employ them for immediate first aid!
  • Solo treatment! how to respond when you are both the victim AND the only “doctor” who can save your life!

No gun-owner (or any “sheepdog” of any kind) should be without these critical life-saving skills!

This week’s broadcast will leave you feeling more confident than ever that you’ll survive a violent encounter!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Emergency First-Aid Questions Or Tips Do You Have For Surviving A Violent Attack?

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