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[Freedom Friday] Gov’t makes this legal to trap YOUR guns

I know that for months now, we’ve all been hopping mad at the possibility of more unconstitutional laws and executive orders on gun rights

…But while you were were mad about that, you may have completely MISSED the trap more and more state governments are setting to take away your right to legally own a gun.

(And no, this isn’t one of those “The gub’mint is comin’ for your guns” emails that so many people in my industry rely on to create fear.)

Instead, I want to warn you about the very real consequences for your gun rights if you start doing something state governments have made LEGAL.

Wait, what?

See, more and more states are making “recreational” marijuana legal.

In fact, even New York (which was one of the HUGE holdouts on this topic) just did so a little while back.

I’m not here to offer an opinion on whether you should be smoking pot…

…But it wasn’t long after the announcement that I saw the meme to the right.

Whoever posted that isn’t fooled

…and you shouldn’t be either.

See, even when the state makes something like weed legal…

…that doesn’t mean they won’t still treat you like a criminal!

See, way back in 2011, the BATF issued a memo saying legal pot users in California could not legally buy or possess firearms.

It was long enough ago that most people have forgotten… but as more and more cash-strapped states turn to legalizing pot to generate income, we’re going to see this problem more and more.

The politicians don’t care if they make something legal only to have it endanger your rights; they’re only thinking about the money they’ll generate.

It’s up to each one of us to guard our Second Amendment rights carefully… and that means watching out for traps like this one!

So, take that for what it is, friends – if you want to keep on owning guns, getting any sort of official pot dispensary card or permit is very much a no go!

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