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Freedom Friday: Why This “Dumb” Gun Accessory Still Matters

I know I’m going to catch some heat for this from some of our gun people, but as a gun owner myself, I have to say it:

Bump stocks are DUMB, but…

…they still matter, and I’m going to explain why.

After that mass shooting at a country concert in Vegas — a shooting our government seemed awfully quick to cover up the details of — a lot of people started screaming to ban bump stocks.

Our government did just that, saying that a stock designed to use the recoil of a rifle to keep “manually” pulling the trigger is a dangerous machine gun-like device.

See, you can add these stocks to a semi-auto rifle that let it kind of slide back and forth in the stock, and the recoil of each shot causes it to rebound and activate the trigger repeatedly.

Bump Stock

I mean, you can do literally the same thing with a strong rubber band, but hey, who are we to stand in the way of our government “doing something” about the latest gun control hysteria?

And, honestly, bump stocks don’t really give you anything.

You can just pull the trigger really fast if you absolutely want to dump your magazine, but the gimmicky stock, meanwhile, makes your rifle less accurate and harder to control.

But as dumb as they are, it’s a really GOOD thing that the Sixth Circuit Court “vacated” GOA vs. Garland in late June of this year.

(In other words, they struck down the bump stock ban.)

But the fight over this “dumb” accessory isn’t over, and that’s where we need to step up.

Many gun owners don’t care about bump stocks because they don’t use them and have never owned them (and don’t see what benefit there would be in buying one).

I don’t disagree with what they’re thinking, but we HAVE to stand up and fight against EVERY attempt to ban or regulate firearms accessories.

That means calling your congress-critter and complaining (politely)… leaving comments when the ATF puts their rule changes up for public review… filling out surveys to show how important gun rights are… and voting to preserve the Second Amendment in every election.

See, these regulations are the “camel’s nose in the tent.”

If the government, an executive order, or a new ATF regulation can decide suddenly that a given accessory is illegal without Congress passing a new law, our gun rights are in BIG TROUBLE.

Always, always stand against these regulations, even if they cover things you don’t think are useful… because there is no such thing as an unimportant gun right.

We cannot afford to give a SINGLE INCH in this fight.

Oh, and, if you’re worried about the constant attacks on your gun rights?

You’re not alone, which is I want to remind you about a book by my friend Jason Hanson on legally hiding your guns from the government.

I’ve reviewed it and recommended it before, but it’s never been more relevant…

…And unless we want the future of gun rights in this country to get to the point where all our guns are hidden, we’ve all got to stand up for the rights of every fellow gun owner.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments about this, and about the Second Amendment in general.

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