Here's How They Will GET YOUR GUNS!

Here’s How They Will GET YOUR GUNS!

In the Second Amendment community we talk a lot about threats to, well… the Second Amendment.

And to be fair, they’re real… red flag laws… weapons bans… attacks on pistol braces…

But a reader made a comment recently that had me rethinking what I thought I knew about threats to the right to keep and bear arms.

It’s not that politicians aren’t coming for your guns… they are!

But you’re probably already doing one thing that’s endangering them not in some far off dystopia, but today in the here and now.

That’s the bad news…

The good news is you can stand undoing the damage right now.

Learn How You’re Endangering Your Second Amendment Rights… Or Risk Losing Your Guns!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The truth abut your “right to remain silent.”
  • What you’ve probably already done that the DA can and will use against you in court. 
  • How prosecutors will twist your words against you to make you look like the bad guy.
  • How you can start undoing damage you’ve already done starting today.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Mistakes Are Gun-Owners Making That Could Lead To A Felony Conviction And The Loss Of Their Rights?
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  • Lifting ones shirt or concealment intentionally to show a concealed weapon, beyond ‘incidental exposure’.
    Where the threat isn’t one of being in fear of one’s life, etc.

    True story. Someone had a verbal exchange in a supermarket parking lot. The first party thought the second party was following them home so they stopped in the road, got out and lifted their shirt and displayed a firearm. Next were screams of ‘he’s got a gun.’ Turns out the second party lived further down the street.

    The situation could have escalated quickly.

    • Eric Phillips says:

      For anyone in JR’s example, instead of getting out of your car, drive around the block; and if the car continues to follow you, keep driving and call 911. Ask them where to go to meet the responding officer.

  • After listening to your video and trying to understand the legalities and pitfalls and thinking thru what I did or did not know before hand and my mindset before, I am wondering your thoughts regarding legal defense coverage. I am asking if your opinion of owning legal protection in advance of an incident could be construed as “ planning to kill someone”. I believe that having to defend your self would be horrifying but the aftermath of being wrongly convicted would be just as or more horrific. I believe it is prudent and do have such coverage but wonder your thoughts. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Tim mcauliffe says:

      I WAs set up with an airplane and lost everything.
      911 said I was g0ing to shoot down an airliner

  • Eric Phillips says:

    Your remarks were right on from a legal perspective. The thought of killing anyone is far more devastating than whatever could happen to me. The thought of a miss or pass-through from my gun injuring an innocent bystander is even more devastating. My choice for carrying, therefore, is a pocket sized revolver with five 357 magnum JHP’s. Had I been the guy in your example, and I had been so desperate as to have parked in a badly lit lot at night, I would have made every effort to return to the store I’d just left, and call the police as soon as I saw the three men lurking in the shadows near my car. The fact that I am carrying makes me extra careful to avoid confrontation. I am a member of the Armed citizens’ Legal Defense Network, and I am also a huge fan of Mas.

  • I agree all lives matter, and fatal action should be avoided at all costs. Do what you can to not attract attention. “Stay away from dark-lit situations” sounds flip, but our first obligation is avoidance. Thanks for this legal refresher.

  • James Brown says:

    Jeff, in my opinion, once you had “stunned” your attacker by throwing the milk at him, your responsibility at that point was to at LEAST attempt to escape the situation and leave in your car. By staying you’ve put yourself in the position of the aggressor when you could have escaped. I carry a “toss wallet” for this exact scenario and will throw it away from me to distract the true aggressor so that I can escape.

    • Fair enough BUT, how far do you retreat? What if they block your car? Do you walk backwards all the way home? At what point can you defend yourself? When they punch/stab you once, twice? Or can you defend yourself once you begin to feel light headed and ready to pass out or perhaps before that? Too much second guessing the victim vs looking at the perpetrator.

  • Excellent advice Jeff, and thank you. I especially support your idea of all gun owners’ responsibilities and would only like to add the caution ( very obvious of course ) that every state is different, so that adds more burden to that responsibility.

  • Barry Tucker says:

    The greek meaning of sarcastic, means to tear flesh like dogs. It’s not ok to treat people with no respect, but I feel it’s our right to defend and protect our self and families in a hostel situation. Thanks for the wise word my friend.

  • Horace R Busch says:

    Incredibly informative! Thanks so much!!!

  • Fact pattern: initially you stated the two partners ran away (did he say this to police questioning at scene–I’m sure he did?). Then they suddenly “return” and discuss with police. Ques for police is why didn’t these two call the police (or gosh–for an ambulance) for their fallen friend? did the police haul these two away for further questioning?

    Also, obviously one needs to know state laws for parent state and surrounding states…

  • Stevorino says:

    Excellent tutorial on the how the situation can easily become a life changing event for all parties, perpetrator and victim. reminds me of the old adage “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Situational awareness and avoidance if at all possible.

  • William J Rediger says:

    Thank you for thls important information

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