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9-1-1 Realities Most Gun-Owners Don’t Know That Could Land You In Jail

Someone breaks into your house and attacks you… you shoot him in self-defense… and you call the cops to report the incident.

What happens next?

Well hopefully, an officer shows up alongside an ambulance… they investigate… and soon after you show up on the news as a “hero”.

But too often, the story doesn’t turn out this way and just one single mistake on your part can drastically change how your night – and the rest of your life – plays out.

You see, the cops don’t have to remind you that anything you say can and will be used against you UNTIL you’re under arrest!

Yes, even if you were justified… even if you feared for your lifeeven if you were in your own home.

In fact…

The 911 Call That Can Save Your Life Can ALSO Put You In Prison!

911 Home Defense Call
911 Home Defense Call: Stay Out Of Jail After A Shooting

Think about it…

When you’re sitting there in court – forced to justify your actions – you can be damn well sure that your 911 call is the first piece of evidence that will be presented in court.

You want it to work in your favor.

Here’s how you do that…

1. 911 Calls Are Recorded (EVEN When You’re On Hold!)

I’m not suggesting you’re going to call 911 and say you murdered someone.

Here’s what might happen, though:

You call… you report what happened… the operator puts you on hold… you turn to your kids and say, “It’s okay. Daddy made sure he’ll never hurt anyone again.”

You’re reassuring your kids they’re safe, right? Nothing wrong with that.

But believe me, the prosecution will take those words and twist them to imply that you weren’t just trying to stop an attack on your family… but you were actually on a “kill mission” the second you grabbed your gun – ready to save the world from the criminal thugs of our society.

Every word out of your mouth on that 911 call needs to be the facts and nothing but the facts.

State where you are… what your name is… and what kind of help you’re requesting (an ambulance and the police).

And remember…

2. The 911 Operator is Trained to Keep You Talking

This isn’t being “sneaky” on the operator’s part.

It’s in their best interest (and the police’s best interest) to get as much information as they possibly can from you before you have time to stop and think about what you’re saying.

In cases where someone is trying to cover up a crime, this is an extremely useful tactic.

It’s good that 911 operators use it.

But you still don’t want to get trapped into saying something that can be used against you later in court.

If you’ve just shot someone, you’ll be stressed.

You won’t be thinking clearly – and you’ll have a tendency to say too much..

3. You’re Not Required to Stay On the Line

Once you’ve delivered the important information, you aren’t required to stay on the line.

The operator will tell you to stay, but you are not LEGALLY required to do so, and hanging up will not have ramifications later on in court.

Hanging up may be the best thing you can do.

Tell them who you are, where you are, and what help you need.

Whatever you do, do not claim responsibility – say, “There was a shooting” rather than “I shot someone.”

Then stop talking about it

You can hang up and don’t look back… or you can choose to stay on the line to guide responding police to your location.

But spend that time consoling your family while waiting for the police to arrive.

Unfortunately, Your Legal Dangers Aren’t Over Yet…

Now, once the police arrive, you’re going to need to stay on your game.

There are any number of little “accidents” you could make that will result in time behind bars – even if you were completely justified in the shooting.

It’s not that police are looking to put the screws to you… but it’s their job to collect the facts and so few gun-owners really understand the legal “requirements” of their self-defense claim.

It’s not as cut-and-dry as you think.

I believe no responsibly-armed American shouldn’t have to worry about going to jail just for protecting their family.

Sadly, it happens far more than you realize.

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What Other Home Defense Mistakes Do You Think Most Gun-Owners Don’t Know?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…

  • David Rudow says:

    One of the reasons that I am always armed is that I am 64 now and am disabled so being able to defend myself or my wife like I once would have been, is not an option for me any more.

  • Mike Washburne says:

    `I belong to USCCA. The first thing they tell you is to keep your mouth shut and wait for your lawyer. Keep saying “Lawyer, Lawyer”! And nothing else!

  • I add – if you have the ability to go to speakerphone mode, do it. Keeps your hands free. No need to prioritize the 911 call if there is still a threat, they can jabber all they want, your immediate actions – need to involve all members in the retreat, everyone’s safety, and assessing the threat. Probably helps to yell out loud enough (speakerphone) any warnings to stop or you will shoot.

  • William Knapp says:

    Don’t yell – giving warning to back off

  • As for the scenarios, I think it is very subjective. The rules depend on the person, their training if any, their physical ability, age, male/female etc. The rules are different for a young 20 something dude who spends and hour at the gym everyday versus a 70 year old woman pushing a shopping cart to her car.

  • Scenario 1: Draw my gun give commands. If he ignores said commands, shoot. He showed his intentions to use deadly force. I don’t have to take a beat down from him and hope he stops before kills me.There is also disparage of force issues that the scenario doesn’t take into account.

    Scenario 2: Draw my gun. If the guy runs, let him go and call the cops.

    Scenario 3: Draw my gun, give commands to back off. If they obey commands, get in the car and drive off. If they don’t obey commands and keep coming, shoot.

    Here’s the deal, you need to be able to articulate your actions in court. If you can do that you’re probably OK, unless the prosecutor is a George Soros appointed douche!

  • Ranger Rick says:

    A few weeks back while in a Fire Dept meeting my wife calls and tells me someone is trying to get in the front door. I excused myself from the meeting and headed home about a 10 minute drive. My wife had her weapon at the ready if needed. I arrive home and see the wet footprint at the door. Now this person walked past 2 no tress pass signs, thru 2 automatic outside lights that came on as he approched the house and ignored 2 dogs inside barking. We had a light snow that night and it melted the next day and we found a knife at the front door. What was his intent, we will never know, but it seems he was on a mission. Oh, by the way, I called 911, an officer called back later and told me to put up some cameras and let them know what we saw.
    I will be running for Sheriff in 2024.

  • i`m 76 and to old to play w/thugs, anymore

  • The cardinal rule is: whoever calls the police first is the victim. You may have successfully scared off an intruder/attacker without firing a shot but the perp could call the police first and tell them that some crazy dude pulled a gun on him!

    • That is auto-dial for the ‘injustice department’. And should not be the way that it is done. Like most of the system now they don’t want to have to make a decision on site or in a court room. So make a generalization that will make our job, not necessarily constitutional, but easier regardless of if it places the blame on the wrong parties.

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