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My 3 Best Tips For Facing The Courtroom After A Self-Defense Shooting

Have you ever heard this before (or said it)…

“I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six!”

A lot of gun owners, if you asked them, would agree with this statement.

In theory, most of us would because it makes sense that you’re better off shooting someone and being “wrong” than NOT shooting and being dead, right?

But in reality, thinking like that could ruin your life and leave your family bankrupt.

The sad reality in our lawsuit-happy world is that your legal defense for a shooting – even one that you feel was 100% justified – looks an awful lot like “guilty until proven innocent” in court. So here are…

My 3 Best Tips For Facing The Courtroom After A Self-Defense Shooting

Look, aren’t you sick of hearing too many stories of some responsibly armed citizen who put a bullet in some scumbag who broke into his home and was threatening his family… only to see our “justice” system try to paint HIM as the villain?

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is these days… you can’t escape it… and I hope you and your family never have to sweat it out in a courtroom wondering if you’ll end up going to jail for protecting those you love.

These 3 tips will help you out…

1. Never Trust The District Attorney

The DA you’ll face doesn’t care about whether you’re innocent or not – his only job is to make you look as guilty as he possibly so he can win a conviction against you.

Since his “job performance” is based on not losing cases “which wastes the taxpayers’ money”, he’ll likely try to scare you into a plea bargain by saying…

“I’m afraid I’ll have to seek the maximum penalty of twenty years if you force me to go to the taxpayer expense of a trial.”

If you know your actions were justified… I recommend not taking the deal!

Pleading to a lesser charge will still make you “guilty” and you’ll likely do some jail time anyway AND lose your right to ever own a gun again… EVER!

2. Don’t “Cheap Out” Your Trial Defense

Even the innocent can “lose” a trial by going bankrupt paying lawyer and court fees since the longer you’re embroiled in the legal system, the more money it is going to suck out of you.

But that’s no reason to pinch pennies by hiring “my cousin, Vinny” or your “family lawyer” who helped you draw up your will.

You need an expert who knows how to defend in a real trial against hard-ass DA prosecutors – and wins cases!

Those guys and gals aren’t cheap… but your freedom is worth it, right?

Speaking of which…

3. Conduct Your Firearm Training With Your Freedom In Mind

You’ve probably also heard the saying…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”, right?

Look, I know it feels great to pop off a few caps down at the local gun range, but hopefully you now realize that your attacker is only one “fight” you have to survive.

The average “courtroom fight” costs at least $40,000 … and that’s even if you’re totally innocent!

Take the time to get training in shoot/no shoot decisions and use of force.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… you probably think you “already know” when you can shoot someone or not, right?

Unfortunately, you’ll be shocked how wrong you are – even if you’re an “expert” with a gun.

That’s why only about 20% of even “experienced” shooters are able to make all the right decisions in our 3 “Shoot – Don’t Shoot” video quiz scenarios.

The bottom line is that the best legal defense plan is to make the right LEGAL decisions when pulling the trigger (or not) in the first place!

You can’t afford not to know what is legal and what is not.

But the law isn’t always fair.

One wrong move and YOU could be the one who ends up in the back of the responding officer’s police cruiser — even if you think you are in the right!

And if that happens, you’d damn well better be prepared for the next fight of your life – the one for your freedom!

Are You “Training” For The Courtroom?  Or Just The Live-Fire Range?

Share Your Thoughts On Self-Defense Law In The Comments Below Now…

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