Possible Murderer Made 1 Move That Can Help With Gun Confiscation?

Possible Murderer Made 1 Move That Can Help YOU With Gun Confiscation

This is a very “dark” connection, and I hate to make it, but…

…it’s hard not to see how what Gabby Petito’s boyfriend is doing could help him.

And as hard as that is to stomach, it actually makes an important point for the rest of us to follow when it comes to our gun rights and those who are hostile to our Second Amendment protections.

See, Gabby is – or was – a “van YouTuber,” one of several people who intended to video her cross-country travels living out of a converted van.

She went missing recently, though, after her boyfriend returned from the trip without her – and he did 1 thing that will make things much more difficult for law enforcement:

He wouldn’t speak to anybody.

He made no statements.

He offered no explanations.

He absolutely refused to cooperate.

And as awful as this is looking – he’s been declared a “person of interest” in her disappearance – it just might make the difference in whether they’re able to pin anything on him, IF he’s guilty of a crime.

I got to thinking about that, and it really does make a difference.

So how does this circle back around to your gun rights?

Well, more and more of us are worried about confiscation – the type of door-to-door “we’ve come for your guns” move that we’ve seen after big emergencies (like after Hurricane Katrina).

And I don’t need to tell you that our government gets more and more hostile to your gun rights every single day.

I’m taking steps to hide my guns, legally, before we get to that point – and I’ve offered some advice before about, for example, having a “sacrifice gun” to turn over to the gun grabbers if they do come to your doorstep.

More fundamentally, though, every single one of us needs to take a tip from Gabby Petito’s boyfriend, whether he’s guilty or whether he’s innocent of any crime:

When the cops come asking you questions, you do not offer them ANY information.

I know many of us are very pro-law-enforcement, and we think of the cops as the “good guys”… but when it’s YOU who is being looked at as a suspect, you can’t think like that.

It doesn’t matter if they think you’re a “person of interest” in your girlfriend’s disappearance, or you have “forbidden guns” hidden away somewhere in your house.

You do NOT tell them ANYTHING.

You make no statements, you volunteer no information, and you ask to speak with a lawyer.

Now, yes, a guilty man can really help his own legal position by following that advice – but the REST of us, the innocent, law-abiding citizens of the United States, can ALSO benefit from doing the same.

And that’s the point.

I hate that we’ve all got to start thinking this way where our Constitutionally protected rights are concerned, but we all have to remember.

As for Gabby Petito, we don’t know for a fact that she’s dead, or that her boyfriend did anything to her…

…but I’m really, really concerned that we may learn just that in coming days.

Here’s hoping she’s returned home safely against all odds… and let’s also hope that, while he’s successfully stonewalling investigators now, her boyfriend eventually cracks and tells the authorities what they need to know.

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