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Should You Fire? The Tragic Lesson From The Burlington Shooting

Hearts pounding, the Los Angeles cops raised their weapons — and one officer with an AR15 pumped three 5.56 mm rounds into the violent suspect.

It was only later, with blood on the floor, that the cops discovered the horrible mistake they had made — a mistake that YOU, as an armed citizen, could also make.

(You can test that here, and I’ll explain more about that in a minute.)

And I hate to say it, amigo… but if you make this mistake, it WILL ruin your life, leaving you bankrupt (if you’re lucky) or in prison before it’s all over.

That’s why we need to talk about…

The Tragic Lesson Of The Burlington Shooting (And What It Means To YOUR Gun Rights)

It happened at a Burlington store in California just before Christmas.

A maniac with a bike lock was wandering the store, smashing displays and attacking customers with a bike lock on a chain — in other words, a makeshift blackjack.

As calls of a “hostile” customer menacing others in the store started to come in, some of the reports said the man had a gun.

In other words, responding officers thought they were walking into an active shooter situation.

The maniac — a man named Daniel Elena-Lopez, 24 — beat a woman bloody and dragged her across the floor.

In the video footage, his pants are missing at that point, which may mean he intended to rape her.

That’s when responding officers, seeing the victim’s blood smeared on the floor, engaged Elena-Lopez… pumping three quick rounds into him.

But NOT before another officer screamed, “Hold up, hold up!”

It’s possible that officer understood the mistake that was about to happen… because shortly after Elena-Lopez was shot dead, more screams rang out.

A 14-year-old girl, Valentina Orellana-Peralta, had been in a dressing room… and at least one of the rounds fired by the officer at Elena-Lopez hit the wall, went through, and struck Valentina.

The little girl died.

The report says the round “bounced off the ground and went through a wall separating the changing area from the shopping floor.”

But the mistake was clear: The area behind the target wasn’t clear, and the cop apparently took the shot not realizing that.

Now, everybody’s Monday-morning-quarterbacking the shooting, trying to spread the blame around and figure out who did what and who did wrong.

But you know what?

If you miss ANY of the critical decisions in a shoot-or-don’t-shoot situation, you too could end up dead… going to prison… or, in this case, killing an innocent little girl.

And I realize you might be thinking, “But Jeff, I wouldn’t do that. I’d make the right call.”

And my challenge to you is, would you really?

If you shoot when you shouldn’t, innocent people can die… you can be arrested… and you can either be ruined fighting to defend yourself in court, or lose and end up behind bars.

But if you don’t shoot when you should, you could end up the one bleeding out on the floor.

Even if you live, you can kiss your gun rights good-bye in a lot of cases if you make ANY mistakes.

The prosecutor will be gunning for you (as we saw recently in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse).

Well, I have a simple way you can test yourself to see how YOU would do in a real shooting situation.

This short shoot/don’t shoot quiz presents 3 scenarios where you have to decide when to take the shot (if at all).

If you can pass this quiz, then yes, chances are good you’d have made the right call in a shooting like this (whether you’re a private citizen or a law enforcement officer).

But be warned — only about 1 in 5 people actually pass.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think about the scenarios (and the Burlington shooting tragedy) in the comments.

What Do YOU Think About The Burlington Shooting… And Our Shoot/Don’t Shoot Scenarios?
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