Stranger Caught With A Blade: What Would YOU Do?
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Stranger Caught With A Blade: What Would YOU Do?

In our podcast this week, my fill-in podcast host Buck Greene told a story that made me do the “audio” version of a double-take.

I hit “rewind” and listened to it again to make sure I’d heard it correctly, because I want to ask YOU about it for Freedom Friday this week.

I’ve made no secret of my love of our Second Amendment rights, but a lot of people forget KNIVES are part of that, too.

(There are knife rights groups, like the American Knife and Tool Institute, that fight for knife rights, too.)

But in Buck’s podcast, he mentioned he was once in a restaurant at a highway rest stop when he noticed one of the customers had a fixed blade knife on his belt, hidden in his back pocket.

The vest the guy was wearing to cover the handle had ridden up, exposing the knife.

Buck said he did nothing – just went about his business, since he’s a firm believer in knife rights.

And I understand where he’s coming from.

But if you saw a guy concealing a fixed blade like that, what would YOU do… and what would YOU think about it?

After all…

  • That guy could be a patriotic American exercising his knife rights…
  • …He could be a terrorist contemplating “knife jihad” or some other kind of mass attack
  • …He could be a criminal with a serious blade that he intends to use for something BAD…
  • …Or he could be a trucker, or some other working Joe, who uses that fixed blade for his daily work.


So… if it was you, and you saw someone carrying that type of knife in that way… what would you do?

Would you “snitch” to the cops?

Look the other way?

Keep watch to see what he did next?

Something else?

I’d really like to know, because this is one of those exercises that really has no right answer.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and maybe this is something we can look at in a future podcast.

What Would YOU Do?
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