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These 3 “Gun Law” Cases Expose The Sneaky Traps Prosecutors Use To Put Armed Americans In JAIL!

It was 2:34 in the afternoon and Ronald Stolarczyk clung tightly to the grip on his father’s old 38-caliber Rossi revolver.

The 64 y.o. had heard voices coming from the garage of the Deerfield, NY home he had inherited following the death of his parents a year earlier and, scared for his safety, he was silently hoping that the intruders would just leave – until he heard their steps getting closer and closer to him…

Ronald suddenly saw the unknown woman and younger man who had been trying to gain entry to his home.

He yelled at them to “Get out!”, but they continued their advance – intent on continuing their invasion of his home.

In fear for his life, Ronald discharged his firearm – fatally shooting Patricia Talerico, 57, and her nephew Nicholas Talerico, 27.

But When The Police Showed Up, It Was The Homeowner “Victim” Who Was Hauled Off To Jail – And Ronald’s Story Is An Eye-Opening Lesson Few Gun-Owners Realize About…

3 Of The Sneakiest Traps Prosecutors Can Use To Put Legal Gun-Owners In Jail

Concealed Carry Laws That Get Gun Owners Arrested

It’s no secret that, for responsibly-armed gun-owners, being “hard to kill” is only half the battle.

As attorney, Andrew Branca, puts it, you gotta be “hard to convict” as well!

That can be a tricky road to travel in these days of gun-hating courts and grandstanding prosecutors looking for another notch on their “successful conviction” record.

And these 3 cases – and the lessons you should read between the lines – should serve as a powerful lesson for the sneaky traps you could fall prey to without even knowing about it…

1. The “Dead Dad Trap”

Ronald Stolarczyk’s story is certainly a near textbook case of self-defense.

He was alone in his home – outnumbered by the two home invaders… had told them to leave… and when they continued to advance toward him, he used his firearm to successfully defend himself.

Home Invasion

Unfortunately for him, while the 38 revolver he used in his defense was legally-owned by his father… it didn’t “legally” belong to Ronald.

You see, in New York, you’re not allowed to inherit a firearm if you don’t have a permit specifically registered to that gun by serial number.

As a result, Stolarczyk was charged in the shooting death of Talerico and her nephew and was facing years in prison before the Assistant District Attorney had decided to request the case be dismissed to the judge.

Reading Between The Lines…

While Stolarczyk was eventually cleared of the charges, it’s very interesting to hear the actual words of the Assistant DA, Michael Coluzza, who was originally trying to convict him of homicide for defending himself against a criminal act that could have ended his life…

“Using this defendant as an example would serve no lawful purpose,” he said.

You must understand that it’s the District Attorney’s job to convict you if they have a solid case against you.

DA’s looking to advance their career are constantly looking to “make an example” out of anyone who they feel the voting public will want to see behind bars – and it notable gun-hating states like New York, armed citizens need to especially be on high alert.

Don’t hand them the evidence they need to send you to prison.

2. The “Airport Trap”

Haley LeachHaley Leach was headed back home to Colorado after her short visit to see her family in New York.

The attractive 29-year-old had a legal permit to carry her firearm and, as she did when leaving her home state, walked up to the Southwest Airlines counter in Albany to declare her weapon to have it checked in for her flight home.

Except Haley didn’t make it home with her pistol…

Since she didn’t have a legal permit for her gun in New York, she was essentially a “felon”, and was taken into custody by local TSA and the police for illegal possession of a firearm.

Reading Between The Lines…

The truth is, the airport TSA wherever you fly out of doesn’t care where you’re taking your legally-owned firearm…

… unless the state you’re flying out of isn’t one that recognizes that you legally own a firearm that your gun is legal by the state’s definition!

In other words, it’s not TSA’s job to babysit your knowledge of their state’s gun laws.

Do your research on the current gun laws of not just your state and local vicinity… but also where you’re traveling to!

3. The “Transport Trap”

Dustin Reininger was starting to fall asleep on his late-night move from Maine to his new home in Texas.

Pulling off the New Jersey Turnpike into an empty, well-lit parking lot, he turned off his ignition and reclined his driver’s side seat to take a short nap before getting back on the road.

That was, until 3:25am, when Officer Gregory Wester knocked on his window and woke him up, shining a flashlight in his eyes.

Dustin ReiningerReininger – a former police officer himself – may have still been groggy when Officer Wester asked him if he was carrying anything illegal.

“No, no, all good,” Reininger replied.

Officer Wester then looked into the back of Reininger’s SUV with his flashlight and noticed two nylon cases in the back seat that “appeared” to be what looked like “gun cases”.

The officer radioed for backup and – after further questioning, Reininger admitted that they did contain firearms and that he was simply transporting them to his new home in Texas.

Unfortunately, Reininger wasn’t in Texas… and while none of us would be too confident in shipping our guns in the same cargo as Aunt Bessie’s heirloom lamp, New Jersey law doesn’t care.

Officers arrested Reininger for illegal possession of his firearms and “high-capacity magazines” after removing the 21 rifles, shotguns and pistols he was trying safely transport to his new home.

Reading Between The Lines…

I don’t know about you… but the very first answer that would obviously come to my mind if asked by a police officer if I’m “carrying anything illegal” would absolutely be “hell no”.

While Reininger knew his laws in Maine – and in this new state of Texas – there are about 12 states he was traveling through on his way there… and when you’re driving, you’re responsible for every single gun law in between!

At some point, you may cross over state lines – whether you’re moving or simply visiting friends or family out of town.

It’s up to you to do your research in advance and adjust your firearm carry and storage according to the laws that are governing your current location.


This is one of the reasons I always carry an updated copy of The Legal Gun Laws By State guide in every one of my vehicles.

Not only are you able to stay on top of your local and state laws (yes, they change!), but any time you’re getting ready to cross over any state line, you can just do a quick reference-check and pull over to make whatever changes you’re required to for the state you’ll be traveling in.

Think You’d Never Fall For These 3 Sneaky “Legal Traps” That Put Gun-Owners In Jail?

You Might Be More At Risk Than You Think…

Look, I’m a gun owner.

I carry.

Legal gun-owners like you and me are NOT the problem when it comes to violence in this country.

But too many lawyers, prosecutors, and District Attorneys in this country go after legal gun owners. . .

. . . and then pat themselves on the back, believing they’ve done something to stop crime.

Yes, cases like these make me REALLY MAD, but getting mad doesn’t keep anybody out of jail.

“Ignorance” of the law is NOT a defense you’ll be able to use in court when you’re defending your actions.

The only way to fight back is to arm yourself with information about how the law affects you as a gun owner… and how you can work around it to protect your Second Amendment rights.

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What Other “Legal Traps” Do You See Responsibly-Armed Citizens Being Targeted By?

Please Share Your Own Stories And Observations In The Comments Below…

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