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Legal Gun Defense? 61 y.o. Man Jailed For Firing A “Warning Shot”!

Dennis Fleming (61) returned home to find his New Hampshire house had been burglarized.

While surveying the damage, he looked out his window and could see the burglar in the progress of crawling out of his neighbor’s window as he went for his second hit.

Just as you or I would do, Dennis grabbed his handgun (a .38 revolver) and raced outside to contront the criminal and yelled “FREEZE!”

To let the burglar know that he meant business, Flemming fired a “warning shot” safely into the ground.

Message received!

The 27 y.o. burglar dropped to the ground and Flemming was able to hold him there at gunpoint until the police arrived after his 911 call.

But when the police arrived, not only did they take the burglar into custody…

…they arrested 61 y.o. Fleming too!

Dennis Fleming Warning Shot Arrest

Why was Fleming arrested?

Well, the official charge was “Reckless Conduct” for firing his warning shot (even though no one was hurt), and, found guilty, Fleming could face about the same sentencing as the thug he caught red-handed!

“I didn’t think I could handle this guy physically, so I fired into the ground.” said Fleming.

“I didn’t know it was illegal to fire into the ground. I have 14 grandchildren.  I don’t want to be a felon and go to jail”.

As it turned out, Fleming was eventually let go but was racked with legal expenses and the emotional scars of being branded a “criminal” for doing nothing more than what he felt was a safe way to stop a crime in progress.

Here’s the important lesson you must face now…

Our screwed up legal system has practically made it “open season” on decent, responsible gun owners by oftentimes sending US to jail just for protecting our homes and our loved ones.

Is It Legal Gun Defense To Fire A Warning Shot?

Firing a “warning shot” – even if the bullet never hits anything or anyone – may actually be considered “illegal” by your local law enforcement and court prosecutors.

And when you really think about it, it sort of makes sense, right?

I mean, how many “accidental murders” have happened because of “stray bullets”?


For that reason, laws have been put in place that are very clear about when you can pull the trigger.

You must NEVER forget that our legal system is about the “law” – plain and simple.

And if there’s any chance you’ve broken that law, it’s the cops’ JOB to place you into custody.

When that happens, your fate may then be placed in the hands of a jury who will hear arguments about how “wrong” you were in your actions.

In fact, it’s the prosecuting attorney’s job to do everything in his power to make sure you’re found “GUILTY”!

While this case turned out ok for Fleming (who lived on a farm house in the country with very few people around him), you may not be so lucky.

So pay close attention…

Your ONLY Legal Gun Defense Is To Fire Your Weapon When You Feel Your Life Is In Danger…


The “warning shot” myth that so many people think is ok, could be that one wrong move you make that could land you in prison.

Responsibly armed citizens should NEVER have to face prison time for taking up arms against an attacker.

Hopefully you have a copy of our free “legal gun defense” DVD that blows apart all of the myths responsibly-armed citizens fall prey to.

If not, you really need to have a copy of this free DVD.

The contents covered on this video may save your life… AND may keep you out of prison if you ever have to use your gun for self defense!

It can even be entered in as evidence for your defense if needed

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