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Which Is Better: “Judged by 12” or “Carried by 6?” (Not What You Think!)

I know you’ve heard this saying…

“I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six!”

A lot of gun owners, if you asked them about that decision to “shoot or don’t shoot” when facing an attacker, would agree with this statement.

In theory, most of us would.

But in reality, thinking like that could ruin your life… stick YOU in a prison cell… and even leave your family bankrupt and struggling just to make ends meet – all because some criminal decided to target you and you made just one tiny mistake in protecting yourself.

The sad reality in our lawsuit-happy world is that your legal defense for a shooting – even one that you feel was 100% justified – looks an awful lot like “guilty until proven innocent” in court.

Here’s The Answer To “Would You Rather Be Judged By 12 Or Carried By 6?”

Legal Firearms Self Defense

There’s really only one answer…


While obviously it’s better to be alive than dead, the aftermath of a shooting – even one that’s “justified” – can very easily rip your family… your finances… and your way of life apart to the point where death may almost seem like a vacation.

You MUST understand that your actions are NOT about “justice” – they’re about the LAW, plain and simple.

Sadly, most gun-owners don’t take the time to do the research on their own about what is actually “legal” self-defense with a firearm.

That could be a life-ending mistake if you’re spending precious seconds trying to decide whether you “can” pull the trigger or not…

… or a “life as you know it” mistake if you DO pull the trigger and you didn’t meet the legal requirements.

It’s really not that hard…

For the most part, your actions just have to satisfy a few legal “tests” that you can very quickly understand and run through when you’re facing a threat.

They’re not hard to figure out, but I’ve run into many (many!) gun-owners who truly don’t understand the real-life application of these tests that the court and jury will use to decide your fate.

Take the “Immediate Threat Test” for example…

Are you in danger if you’re in your car and a gang is surrounding you?

Can you shoot if an intruder is climbing through your window?

Will YOU be the one if prison if you kill a home invader trying to escape your living room?

For some, the answers may seem obvious… but oftentimes you’d be wrong in your assumption.

The courtroom is a very tricky battlefield where the lines between “good guy” and “bad guy” get blurred by sneaky lawyers on a crusade to help the poor, disadvantaged criminals.

So How DO You Know What’s The Right (Legal)
Decision To Defense Yourself In A Real Gunfight?

Well, the one place I would avoid getting advice from is the internet.

Most forums and blog post comments are loaded with chest-thumping gun-gurus who “think” they know what they’re talking about when it comes to legal firearms defense… but most of this advice will get you killed or land you in prison for sure.

A better idea is to meet with a local criminal defense attorney who can share his or her personal experience and the laws where you live.

You’ll probably have to pay a few hundred dollars for their time, but considering you’re talking about your life and your family’s livelihood, it could be a worthwhile expense.

Just be sure to talk to with an attorney who is familiar with prosecution AND defense, and has actual courtroom experience with both.

(It would help to talk to law enforcement as well to get their take on things.)

A faster option is to simply watch our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD which takes you through all the legal “tests” you need to know as well as how to apply them in real life.

We send it to you for free because I’ve made it my mission to help protect every responsibly-armed citizen from losing your rights and watching your family suffer just because you want to protect them.

It was developed from HOURS of meetings with prosecuting and defense attorneys, DA’s, and law enforcement.

That means you’re getting multiple perspectives on how to make the right “shoot-don’t shoot” decision.

Plus, we take a complicated, boring topic (law) and make it simple, easy-to-understand, and even entertaining with some shocking footage we shot at one of our live training events.

If you haven’t yet claimed your free “Bulletproof Defense” DVD, I would highly suggest you start with this option.

For me, it’s even more critical than my “range time” and you really owe it to yourself and those you love to understand your legal rights and responsibilities of protecting yourself with a firearm.

It will do you no good to try to get it AFTER you’ve been attacked, right?

Just go here now and tell me where to send your DVD.

I promise that you’ll sleep much better at night knowing you’ll never have to be separated from your family if you’re ever forced to defend them.

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