MCS Podcast #113: Secret Hiding Spots For Home Defense

MCS Podcast #113: Secret Hiding Spots For Home Defense

Secret Hiding Spots For Home Defense

I guess I never really grew up…

Every since I was a little kid, I LOVED to find little “secret hiding spots” in my bedroom… around my home… and in the woods in back of my house.

Secret messages… candy… and um… other “stuff”…

Today I still love coming up with nifty “covert caches” in my home… but now I do it for another reason…

… a “do-it-yourself” stealth arsenal for home defense!

Want to know my favorite hiding spots?

Then listen to this week’s free podcast episode where I’ll share my “Top 10” hides… and what to stick in there!

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Here’s a quick look at what you’ll discover in this week’s podcast:

  • Why “secret hiding spots” are more grown up than ever!
  • How to survive a worst-case home invasion where you’re tied up… unarmed… and your family is praying for your heroism!
  • How to turn everyday objects into covert weapons containers!
  • Hide locations in plain sight… and with EASY ACCESS to turn the tables on violent thugs in your home!
  • SPECIAL BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s at the very end of the broadcast… and I promise you’ll love what I have for you this week!

Time to tap into your “inner kiddo” and not only steal my top 10 list… but add to it yourself by leaving your own “secret hides” in the comments section of the blog.

Do YOU Have Any Other “Secret Hiding Spots” You Like?

Please Share Your Best Covert Caching Tips For Home Defense Below Now…

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