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MCS Podcast #93: Handgun Stopping Power Secrets With Peyton Quinn

If you only have one shot to stop that gigantic thug charging at you in a parking lot with a knife in his hand…

… will your gun be able to stop him?

Sadly, many firearms owners (yes, even the “experts”) could be woefully under-armed with the wrong firearm… wrong ammo… and false beliefs about what it REALLY takes to defend yourself in a violent attack.

Peyton Quinn is here to help clear the confusion and help you be more prepared than ever with these “stopping power secrets” from our archives.

The Truth About “Stopping Power”

handgun stopping power secrets

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • The difference between “stopping power” and “killing power”!
  • Does your gun have what it takes to let your ammo do its job?  Discover how every factor of your firearm’s “guts” can make or break your ability to survive!
  • The “Dead Man’s 10-Seconds”!  This one realization alone could save your life in a real attack!
  • “One-Shot Stopping Power”:  Myth?  Or just a matter of knowing these 2 facts?
  • The best weapon calibers PROVEN to stop an attacker dead in his tracks! (This is going to piss off some listeners… but it’s critical you learn these facts NOW!)

Peyton is one of our go-to experts on the scientific analysis of handgun stopping power and the realities of surviving an attack with your firearm.

You’re guaranteed to get several “ah-ha” moments out of this one!

Did YOUR Weapon Pass The Test?

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