NRA Show 2016 | Best Gun Accessories Cheat Sheet

MCS Podcast #94: “Cheat-Sheet” To The Best NRA Show Gear & Gadgets 2016

I just got back from the NRA Convention in Louisville, KY and my luggage was stretched at the zippers with some really cool gizmos!

It was a hugely successful trip and I was able to really see some of the most cutting-edge advancements in tactical gear, training and preparedness items.

Want to know what I loved the most?

This week, I’ll give you my “cheat-sheet” of the coolest gadgets I found and where you can check them out to grab some awesome additions to your defense plan!

Hottest Gear, Gadgets And Gizmos From NRA 2016

NRA 2016 Review

Here are the amazing gadgets and services I talk about in this week’s podcast…


Did YOU Make It Out To The NRA Show In Louisville, KY?

Please Share Your Best Finds Below Now…

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