Tactical Shooting Under Stress: Navy SEAL Debunks The 3 Biggest Myths!
  • Tactical Shooting Under Stress: Navy SEAL Debunks The 3 Biggest Myths!

    Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson, Editor

    Be honest: Where have you done most of your shooting training?

    If you answered, “at the shooting range,” you’re not alone.

    People think a live-fire shooting range is the best place to acquire real-life defensive shooting skills.

    The problem is…

    That’s wrong!

    In fact, it’s DEAD WRONG.

    If you rely solely on static range shooting, you won’t be acquiring the necessary force-on-force skills you need to stay alive.

    Not long ago I talked this over with combat expert Chris Sajnog.

    Here’s what he explained to me about the biggest myths when it comes to shooting under threat.

    What A Navy SEAL Has To Say About The 3 Biggest Myths Of Shooting Under Stress!

    Close Quarters Tactical Shooting Under Stress For Self-Defense
    Tactical Shooting Under Stress For Self-Defense
    Chris Sajnog

    Over and over again, shooters tend to repeat what they’ve been told.

    They’re relying on what they consider to be “conventional wisdom.”

    After all, if it’s always been done that way, shouldn’t we keep doing it like that?

    Well, no.

    That “conventional wisdom” often just isn’t.

    It often boils down to these three myths:

    Myth #1: Shooting At The Range Is Enough

    The range ISN’T enough.

    You need to use all kinds of other methods and training environments to train for self-defense, including where you might actually be using these skills.

    You can’t train with live fire at home, where you’re going to need to use your gun.

    But it’s much more realistic to practice force-on-force at home when training for home-defense.

    That means using airsoft and other training simulators so you can work those skills in the proper environment.

    Myth #2: You Can’t Use Your Sights Under Stress

    People believe that you can’t focus on your front sight when you’re under stress.

    In a way, that’s true.

    If you’re training “normally,” like most people are taught, then you go to a range and fire rounds at a paper target.

    If that’s all the training you do, no, you won’t be able to focus on your front sight.

    But if you train under stress with something like airsoft, and you get your mind in a place where you are able to focus under stress on your front sight, you WILL be able to do it.

    If you train correctly under appropriate stress, in other words, you’ll be able to use your sights when it counts.

    Myth #3: You Can’t Shoot Accurately Under Stress

    Repetition and muscle memory is building neural pathways.

    You’re building the ability in your brain to send a neural impulse that allows you to focus on your front sight under stress.

    Because you’re under stress, what happens is that your brain releases all these hormones.

    That’s what tends to give us these reactions, these stress responses, that most people are used to.

    You can therefore avoid that through proper training.

    In other words, repetition and muscle memory, under stress, develop the appropriate neural pathways for shooting accurately while under threat. 

    This is the key to training to survive when it counts.

    This is how you must train to use a a gun to protect yourself.

    How Were You Taught To Shoot? Do You Focus On Your Front Sight With One Or Both Eyes?

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