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No vaccine = no GUNS for you!

Over the pandemic I spent a LOT of time talking about how concerned I was that our liberties were being chipped away, and…

…there’s a new threat that we need to talk about:

Will “Vaccine Passports” Be Used To Threaten Your Gun Rights?

No Vaccine = No Guns?

I saw an article the other day that was about a shooting range offering a free day of range time in exchange for getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

Nothing wrong with that, I guess, if you’re already inclined to get “the jab,” right?

But… what if you don’t want the shot?

Does the shooting range intend to let only vaccinated people use it?

“But Jeff,” you might be thinking. “They haven’t said they’re going to block unvaccinated people, have they?”

Well, no… not yet.

But once the vaccines rolled out, a bunch of states started implementing “vaccine passports,” saying that anyone who isn’t vaccinated can’t gather in public.

A couple of big concert venues said they wouldn’t let you attend a concert without “proof of vaccination,” too.

And there have already been “vaccine only” cruises (one of which recently had two positive COVID-19 cases onboard).

Our government is already talking about going door-to-door to “persuade” people to get the shot.

So I’ve got to wonder: Where does it end?

Cruises and concerts are one thing, but your Second Amendment Rights are something else.

If you’re not vaccinated, will you not be able to go to your local shooting range?

If you refuse to get the shot when the government goons come to your door, will they put you on “a list?”

What happens to the folks on that list?

Could they be denied a “pass” in the NICS check system, which every gun buyer has to use to buy a gun from an FFL dealer?

What about those states that require some sort of firearms card to buy ammo?

My point is, the ability to control something is the ability to deny something, and with our government pushing vaccines on people who clearly don’t want them at this point, I’m worried about how far they’ll go to force you to comply.

It isn’t a HUGE step from, “You have to have a vaccine passport or you can’t gather in public” (your constitutionally protected freedom of assembly) to “You have to have a vaccine passport to pass a NICS check or use a public shooting range.”

So, what can you do?

Well, regardless of whether you’re vaccinated, we probably agree that it isn’t right to deny people their Constitutional rights because they don’t want a vaccine.

The ONLY thing that keeps our politicians in line is fear they won’t be reelected… so you’ve got to make your voice heard.

It has ALREADY worked, because several concert and ticketing venues have backed off their initial vaccine requirements because of public outrage over making unvaccinated people “second class citizens.”

So what you’ve got to do is contact your congress-critter and your senator, post public comments whenever you see this issue online, and make your voice heard in your local news sites’ comments sections, letters to the editor, etc.

If enough of us make it VERY clear that we won’t stand for a two-tiered society where no vaccine = no participation in society (including your Constitutionally protected rights), we can make them back down… and preserve our gun rights for another day.

– Jeff

PS: Issues like these are one of the reasons I maintain my USCCA membership. It’s one of the best gun rights outfits available, and it has LOTS of benefits for its members. (I know Tim Schmidt of USSCA personally.) There’s never been a better time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to preserve your gun rights.

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