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MCS 182 – “Off-Body” Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics

How To Use Off-Body Concealed Carry Tactics For Your Handgun!Whether it’s a backpack, briefcase, or the cheesy old “fanny pack”, carrying your firearm off your person has its drawbacks…

… but it ALSO has some serious advantages for the concealed handgun carrier!

If you’ve ever been frustrated with not being able to wear certain clothes because your belt-worn firearm bulges in all the wrong places, then this is the podcast for you!

In this week’s podcast episode, combat-focused firearms expert, Omari Broussard, reveals how to think “beyond the belt”, and make off-body concealed carry work for YOU!

Off-Body Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics

Off-Body Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why “off-body carry” has become the hottest new tactic for concealed firearms!
  • Exactly what to look for when choosing an off-body carry option for your handgun!
  • How to maximize your additional off-body storage advantage with defense-focused “everyday carry” gear!
  • Little-known secrets for a lightning-fast draw-stroke – even when your gun isn’t on your belt!
  • Simple-yet-effective “training drills” for off-body concealed carry deployment!

Expand your concealed-carry options to better prepare for a real gunfight in any environment… under any conditions!

When done right, off-body carry can grant you versatility no other concealment method can touch!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

  • [leadpages_leadbox leadbox_id=145a336c6639c5] [/leadpages_leadbox] (We do all the work for you! Audio, Transcriptions & “Cheat Sheet”!)

Do YOU Use Any Off-Body Concealed Carry Options For Your Handgun?

Please Share Your Best Tips & Tactics Below Now..


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