57 Y.O Husband And Father Given 10-Years... For Defending Himself?

57 Y.O Husband And Father Given 10-Years… For Defending Himself?

I’ve said it before… I’ll say it again… you don’t have to commit a crime to go to prison.

Imagine hiking through the woods when you’re suddenly attacked by two vicious, snarling dogs.

You yell at their owner to get them off you, but he won’t budge. So you fire a warning shot to scare the dogs off – which works, giving you a brief moment of relief.

Until the dog’s owner charges you, threatening to kill you.

Clear case of self-defense, right?

This “Innocent” 57-y.o. Spanish Teacher, Loving Husband, And Father Of 7 Given A 10-Year Prison Sentence!

Legal Self Defense Case Law

Harold’s wife, Deborah, describes Harold as a loving family man.

“His family is the most important thing to him,” she says. “[He has] the good old Boy Scout ethic, ‘You don’t lie, you don’t cheat, you’re honest, you always tell the truth.’”

But all it took was one unexpected 10-second confrontation with a dog owner to rob Harold of dinners at home with his family and tucking his kids into bed.

With snarling dogs threatening him and the dogs’ owner charging at him with rage, Harold shot and killed his assailant.

He then hiked to the highway, flagged down highway patrol, and reported the incident.

And then he went to jail.

I know, doesn’t seem right, does it?  But here’s the hard truth you must face now…

Not All Judges Or Juries Want Justice 

In Harold’s case, the judge refused to enter any evidence that might have helped him.

The judge refused to hear testimony from an investigator who found evidence that the attacker was moving aggressively toward Harold when he was shot.

He wouldn’t let the jury hear from the dozens of witnesses who had encountered the man with the dogs and found him violent and aggressive.

He only allowed them to hear evidence that seemed to indicate the attacker was defending himself – his wounds showed that a hand was raised in self-defense.

You know, like we all might do, even if we were attacking, if we saw a gun pointed at us.

Even the Innocent Pay

Harold was sentenced for 10 years, but not before a 2-year court battle that drained his family’s finances. His family continued to appeal, and Harold was ultimately released after three years in prison.

He went home to a family that was deeply in debt. Harold had been a retired high school teacher, but there was no retirement fund left.

Imagine going from quiet dinners with your spouse in your retirement to eating meals next to violent thugs in a chow line.

Imagine never getting to see your grandkids blow out the candles on their birthday cake – having to wish them well on a busted telephone for just a few minutes.

This could happen to you.

It could happen to ANY of us.

Or at least, any of us that don’t know three important little words: “reasonable man theory.”

What does that mean?

We explain that and everything else you need to know to stay out of prison in our Bulletproof Defense DVD you can get for FREE right here…

You can get it for free – which is good, because as Harold could tell you, justice could cost you thousands.

Tens of thousands.

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