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Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family! (Well Actually, I Guess Someone Does…)

You know those stick figure decals you see on the back of proud mommy minivans and SUV’s everywhere?

Ok, not to sound like a total curmudgeon, but do they really think anyone cares about whether the husband is in the military… mommy works out… little Johnny plays football… and Suzie plays with the family dog?

Actually, someone does care – but it’s not someone you want noticing…

stick figure family decal warning

Are Your Car Or Truck Bumper Stickers
Giving Away Too Much Information?

I know it sounds over the top, but what you don’t know is that those stick figure depictions of your family might be giving kidnappers and home invaders all the information they need to victimize the ones you love.

Think about it…

  • A “military dad” may travel a lot and leave the family unprotected
  • An “exercising mommy” can be tracked to a local gym parking lot
  • A “sports kid” decal reveals they probably stay after school
  • And a “dog” decal could show a pet to be prepared for

A recent series of police warnings about those stickers urges you to remove them from your vehicle if you have them.

And think about it…

… if a home invader breaks down your front door to victimize your family, all they have to do to account for all your kids — even the ones that have made it to hiding places — is check that sticker to see if they have everyone rounded up.

Not only that, but an “Honor Student” bumper sticker shows where your kids go to school… a parking pass permit can reveal where you live or work… and even that thar NRA sticker tells someone whether to expect you to be armed or not.

Now I’m not saying you need to remove your NRA sticker (God forbid!)… and a lot of you may be thinking that taking your stick figure family off the the Windstar in the driveway is overkill, but consider…

How Home Invaders Prey On Unsuspecting Families…

Home invaders use surprise, terror, and your protective nature to their advantage and the more they know about your family, the easier it is for them to quickly take control of you!

They know that if there are kids involved, all they have to do is put a knife to your daughter’s throat and you’ll do anything they ask.

That includes handcuffing yourself in the basement while your loved ones are at the mercy of violent predators.

Think it can’t happen to you? 

Consider the Petit family.

This sad home invasion story of how a wife and daughters of a suburban doctor were targeted by home invaders all started when two men followed the wife home from the grocery store. 

The end result was a sadistic rape and murder tragedy while the invaders forced Doctor Petit to listen helplessly while his family was was assaulted…

…and it only gets worse from there!

Don’t give these predators any information that can be used to prey on you and those you love. 

Get more tips and tricks on defending your home and family from our Home Defense Tactics program.

What Are Some Other Ways Home Invaders May
Target Someone’s Family That We Didn’t Cover?

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