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Hate Cleaning Guns? Me Too! This Reader’s Tip Makes Gun Cleaning SUPER Easy…

I think I STILL get nightmares… 🙂

When I was in the Army, the very FIRST thing we had to do when we got back from the range was sit around in a circle and clean our weapons.

And I mean like SPOTLESS!

Just when I thought I had it “white glove ready”, I’d bring it up to the armorer for inspection (You know who you are Coop! 🙂 )… he’d grab one of those square cotton patches and shove that thing so far down into the weapon’s barrel or receiver, you’d think it was a proctology exam!

And if he came out with so much as a SPECK of carbon, dust, grease, whatever… well, it was back to the “cleaning circle” with me!

It could literally go on for an hour or so – just for ONE weapon!

(Didn’t he know I had BEERS to slam with my buddies?!)

NOW you can see why shooting 3 or more of my weapons at the range would really suck, eh?

Guns!  I LOVE shooting them…

…I HATE cleaning them!

Can you relate? 🙂

I have to admit that there have been a few times (maybe more than a few times?) when I skipped cleaning them because today’s guns are so damn reliable and I didn’t think it was really “necessary” – but I also know that’s pretty damn stupid.

I mean, I DO my expect it to go *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* if I ever have to pull it out in a real attack, so I get it… keeping my gun clean and lubed IS a “life-saving task”.

Sorry… cleaning guns still sucks! 🙂

Anyhoo… I got this tip in from one of our readers (Rick from Hamlet, NC) who’s also a gunsmith and it makes cleaning your gun SUPER easy and still makes sure it’s ready for action if you’re ambushed in a parking lot.

Here’s his tip…

Easy Gun Cleaning Tip
Super Easy Gun Cleaning Tip From Rick!

I actually remember one of my firearms instructors telling me about this years ago and I had totally forgotten.

After Rick sent me this tip, I bought a case of 12 cans of brake cleaner off of Amazon for only about a buck per can.

The only thing I would add to Rick’s tip is a warning about using “BreakFree CLP”…

I know this is what most people use for cleaning and lubing their guns, but I stopped a long time ago.

These store-bought CLP gun cleaners “look” like the military version but they’re not.

They actually use harsh chemical solvents that can ATTRACT gunk to your gun which can gum up its operation.

Not cool.

Today there are more advanced “synthetic” versions that work amazing and I started using the G96 Gun Oil that’s from the same company that supplies the US Military.

I’ve been super happy with it and they offer free samples on their site here…

Anyway, thanks for the tip Rick!

Got A Gun-Cleaning Hack To Share? Leave A Comment Below…

(BTW…We sent Rick a “thank you gift” in the mail for submitting his tip as part of our Warrior Life Rewards Program! If YOU have a question or tip you’d like to submit for review, you can submit it on this special site we put up here… )

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