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MCS Podcast #103: Tactical Speed Shooting With Chris Fry

One of the most areas to master in tactical firearms engagement is the balance between “speed” and “accuracy”.

Sure, if you’re in a fight for your life against an armed attacker, you can gain a critical advantage by being fast enough to get your shot off before your assailant does.

But in reality, the only thing that will truly stop your attacker from fighting back is a well-placed shot that hits your intended target.

So what IS the best way to train for both speed AND accuracy in a gunfight?

Well, listen to tactical firearms trainer, Chris Fry, explain a simple exercise you can do every day (it only takes a few minutes!) to greatly reduce your response time with getting an accurate round of the chamber if you’re ever forced to defend yourself with your gun.

Tactical Speed Shooting!fast

Surgical Speed Shooting

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • Why “speed shooting” is about a whole helluva lot more than just pulling the trigger fast!
  • How “micro-sessions” can help you improve both speed and accuracy even BETTER than taking an expensive tactical course!
  • How you can steal Chris’s morning ritual to start your day as the “prepared sheepdog” your family is counting on!

Don’t make the mistake that so many other gun-owners make in preparing for a real gunfight…

Speed and accuracy go hand in hand, and mastering both could mean the difference between life and death in a real attack.

This week’s training advice will show you an easy way to get started and see instant improvement in your gunfighting skills.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Training Tips Do You Have For Shooting Fast And Accurate?

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