Taco Toolsday: 2-min review for BORING dry fire? (Get yours now)
  • Taco Toolsday: 2-min review for BORING dry fire?

    Look, let’s be honest with each other:

    You know you need to be dry-firing.

    You also know you AREN’T dry-firing (most of you).


    Because dry-firing is BORING.

    But it doesn’t have to be – and this product can make your dry fire practice crazy fun!

    Check out the two-minute Taco Toolsday gear review on our YouTube channel:

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    (They hate survival and self-defense content like ours.)

    Oh, and if you watch the review and think to yourself, “Self, I need one of those because it looks fun and useful,” you’re not wrong – you can get it at this webpage.

    What Would Make YOU Want To Dry Fire More?
    Do You Dry Fire At All? Share Your Tips Below!

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