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Tactical Firearms Training FAIL: 1 Cop’s “Bathroom Fight” Story

NOTHING about this gunfight was “textbook”

It first seemed like just another normal “Can you please keep it down?” domestic call on a drunken homeowner.

But talking with the man in his hallway, the officer wasn’t getting the response he expected, and things began to heat up.

In one bone-jarring crunch, the officer suddenly found himself being violently hurled into the man’s bathroom, landing on his side on the floor, jammed between the bathtub and the toilet.

As the 200lb attacker continuously stomped away at his head, the officer knew his life was in danger – and his fingers fought like hell to make it to his gun’s grip!

There was only *one thing* that officer said saved his life that fateful night – but you’re not gonna like his answer – and…

Here’s How 1 Cop’s Training FAILED Him In A “Bathroom Gunfight”

Tactical Firearms Training Fail: CQB Lessons From One Cop’s “Bathroom Fight”

In his own words following the incident, the officer claimed…

It was LUCK that saved me… NOT my gear, and NOT my training!”

You see, the officer discovered what too many cops (and civilian gun-owners) find out the hard way…

… that real gunfights look NOTHING like they do in the movies and NOTHING like the shooting scenarios being instructed at so-called “tactical” schools around the nation.

I mean, sure… everyone has to master the “basics” of shooting, right?

The proper way to stand… grip your gun… aim through your sights… breathe… trigger pull… “follow through”… blah, blah, blah.

But be honest…

Do you REALLY think you’re going to adopt your textbook “nose over toes” Isosceles stance, extend your pistol in a two-handed grip toward the target, and warn him verbally to back the f— off before you fire?

No, you won’t.

And look, you and I both know that “luck” isn’t a personal defense strategy either, right?

Your TRAINING is the only thing that’s going to save your life when it’s that “no sh*t moment” and you’re forced to pull the trigger is self-defense, don’t you agree?

But ONLY if it’s based on how you’re likely to be attacked in REAL-LIFE – not some fantasy scenario you’re training for down at the typical local gun range – and NOT in some of these “Disneyland” tactical courses that make you feel like you’re Jason Bourne… but send you home with a false sense of confidence in how well you can protect yourself and those you live in a REAL attack.

The “Israeli Carry” is a really good example of this actually…

With an unloaded weapon, students are trained to simultaneous “draw & rack” their firearm, the same way that many soldiers are taught in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Sure, it looks SUPER cool at the range…

But for the officer in our story, drawing his weapon with one hand while protecting his head with the other may have gotten him KILLED if he also had to rack the slide to chamber a round while on the floor, stuffed between the toilet and shower.

Makes sense, right?

That’s why all gun-owners who understand this no b.s. reality choose to carry with a round already loaded in the chamber of their carry weapon.

But that’s not the only “staging” you can do to be ready for a close-quarters ambush…

In fact, I’ve looked at hundreds of video footage of real gunfights and in our “extreme counter-ambush training”, I suggest ways to modify your sights… your holster… your ammo choice… and other tricks you can use to be “combat-ready” when you’re attacked in close-quarters with no warning.

Look, the hardcore reality is this…

There’s NOTHING about real life-and-death gunfights that look ANYTHING like the typical “7-15 yard” marksmanship training that goes on down at the “square range.”

I think if you’re open-minded and you take a good, hard, honest look at your own training, you might be surprised just how many “fails” you can erase based on the reality of how attacks happen in real-life.

If you want to dig deeper on how I train for real attacks, you might want to check out this report.

Your life – or the life of someone you love – may depend on it my friend.

What CQB Firearms Training Do YOU Think Doesn’t Match The “Real World”?

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