The Myth Of The “Tactical Reload” (And Why It Could Get You Killed In A Real Gunfight)

The Myth Of The “Tactical Reload” (And Why It Could Get You Killed In A Real Gunfight)

Look, I’m a firm believer that, when it comes to training with your firearm, the more training (and the more types of training) you can get, the better prepared you’ll be for the dynamics of a real battle when your life is on the line.

But let’s face it… there’s a LOT of stuff being taught by gun “experts” out there that could get you killed if you ever had to use it when the bullets are flying.

(I’ve been to “those” courses. I’m sure you have too, right?)

This was the whole purpose of our 7-factor close combat shooting system in the first place – to dispel the common myths that most gun owners fall prey to when it comes down to what REALLY happens in a gunfight.

Let’s take just one example…

The “Tactical Reload” Myth Every Gun Owner Must Know!

Tactical Reload Myth In A Real Gunfight

Chances are you’ve been taught this reloading tactic…

There you are, hunkered down behind your car’s engine block, exchanging bullets with some thug who decided you looked like a good target for a parking lot holdup.

You know you’re running low on ammo, so instead of waiting until your gun goes dry, you take advantage of a break in the action to…

…slip your spare magazine between a couple fingers on your non-firing hand

…eject your partially spent mag into the same hand

…and quickly switch out mags, placing your partial mag in a pocket for possible later use.

The truth?

Works great at the range… fails miserably in a real gunfight!

Why The Tactical Reload May Get You Killed In A Real Gunfight

Because under the stress of a real attack, your adrenaline is going to be surging through your veins like a runaway locomotive and your fine motor skills (the dexterity needed to juggle 2 magazines at once) is going to go right out the window and likely reduce you to a clumsy clown.

Besides, when all you can think about is how to get a bullet into the guy shooting at you and avoid him sinking one in your cranium, do you really think you’re going to be counting how many rounds you may have left and wondering if it’s time to reload?

Not likely, right?

Look, don’t buy into the usual “tactical” nonsense you read out there.

We don’t.

That’s why we pressure-tested our 7-factor close combat shooting system in force-on-force exercises to make sure it wouldn’t fail you when you need it most.

Get this realistic, hard-hitting training and discover the “no b.s.” truth about how to defend yourself and your family when an armed enemy is right on top of you.

What Other Common Training Tactics Do You Think Will Fail In A Real Gunfight?

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