"The Knockout Game": Video Proof Of The Need For Responsibly Armed Citizens
  • “The Knockout Game”: Video Proof Of The Need For Responsibly Armed Citizens

    I actually had a blog commenter recently that said he thought “the knockout game” images I posted were “photoshopped” and not real.

    So I went out and got the actual video footage to prove it.

    If you haven’t yet seen these attacks in action, then let this be a wake-up call for you – they’re real… there here to stay… and they’re deadly.

    Here’s the proof…

    “The Knockout Game”: Video Proof Of The
    Need For Responsibly Armed Citizens

    Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not calling for an open-season on the cowardly thugs who think it’s “fun” to sucker punch young girls and little-old ladies so they can snicker with their friends about how tough they are.

    But the fact is – as you can tell by the video – any one of these punches could be lethal… even if by mistake.

    That makes these attacks much more than an “assault”.

    With the recent deaths attributed to this type of attack, this amounts to “attempted murder” and now is the time for you to realize…

    Society’s Predators Don’t “Fight Fair” And
    You May Note Even See An Attack Coming!

    I know you’d like to think that you’ll have fair warning of an attack and that you’ll have plenty of time to get to your gun to defend yourself.

    Chances are – you won’t!

    That means you’d damn well better be armed and even more importantly… know how to master close quarters gunfighting tactics you need to protect yourself and those you love from an ambush attack like this.

    Unfortunately, most people are still stuck doing “marksmanship training” down at the local range – or worse… not training at all.

    Even those who are, 95% of them are training the wrong way – using outdated defense tactics that don’t account for the type of close quarters attacks you’re most likely to face.

    Please No Racist Comments – White Youth Are Playing This “Game” Also (Including One Who Hit A 79 Y.O. Black Man)

    Cowards And Predators Come In All Colors, Shapes & Sizes!

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