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My Neighbor Thinks He’s Funny. But A Jury Won’t Be Laughing If He Ever Pulls The Trigger!

Ok, I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this.

(And my apologies to my neighbor if you actually see this video – I would have knocked on your door to tell you, but you’re not the most welcoming citizen in our town, ya know?)

Actually, I see this mistake a lot and, while some of you may laugh at me and think I’m just being overly paranoid, 99% of you who open your minds up will see the reality behind what I’m sharing.

You see, something as “harmless” as a funny sign you hang outside your door (or even on  your car’s bumper) could be considered “evidence” if you were ever forced to defend yourself with a firearm.

Watch this and you’ll see why…

Shhhh! I Snuck Up On My Neighbor’s Yard
So You Won’t Make This Same Mistake…

Now if you’re one of the ones downplaying this warning as being overly cautious, I can probably guess why…

You’re probably thinking, “I’m not going to be so worried about being put in prison that I’m gonna live my life without a few good chuckles!”

If that’s you, let me ask you this…

Why did you buy a gun?

Most likely, it’s because you understand that you “may” one day be forced to use it to defend your life or someone you love, right?

Well if you believed enough in that potential threat… why wouldn’t you also prepare yourself for defending your actions if that threat ever becomes a reality?

It just doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t.

Remember… it doesn’t matter what you think.

All that matters when your verdict is read is what the JURY thinks.

What Other “Harmless” Ways Do You See Others Building Up A Prosecutor’s Case Without Realizing It?

Please Leave Your Examples Below…

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