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Weird “2 Cent Trick” For Concealed Carry Combat Pistol Accuracy

Jeff AndersonI frankly thought it was a bunch of “b.s.”…

I knew my buddy Ox was a badass with his Glock 26 sub-compact, but when he told me he could not ONLY put all of his rounds through 1 single hole… but ALSO hit a steel target standing & unsupported 100 yards out (5 out of 5 times!), I had to see it to believe it.

So he showed me! And I’ll be damned if he didn’t do both!

Of course, knowing that Ox has trained with several spec-ops trainers and champion pistol shooters, I had to ask him his “secret”.

He told me that a lot of it was from a combat pistol shooting program from Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch.

But one of the secrets he uses was this…

Weird “2 Cent Trick” For Concealed Carry Combat Pistol Shooting Accuracy

combat shooting tip for concealed carry

Frankly, this has to be the single easiest, cheapest, and fastest modification that I know of that you can make to a pistol that will immediately and dramatically improve your ability to shoot accurately.

It’s called a “micro-sight”.

Basically it’s a mark you make on your front sight that’s super small (only about the size of the head of a pin).

As crazy as it sounds, focusing on the “micro-sight” gets more of your brain involved in the shooting process and guarantees that you’re focusing on your target.

You see, most shooters look at their target… then converge their eyes to center the front sight in the rear notch… and THEN finally focus on the front sight itself, lined up with the target, right?.

In reality though, most people end up looking THROUGH the front sight instead of having a finely-tuned focus right ON it, simply because they aren’t focusing on anything specific enough on the front post itself.

In fact, even the normal “dot” or tritium/fiber sight on the front post is too big to engage your brain for “super-accuracy”. .

THAT’S where the “micro-sight” comes in – and here’s why it works…

The “micro-sight” essentially cuts through all of that back-and-forth focusing and trains your eyes to quickly get your front-sight onto the target.

Let me put it another way…

You’ve heard of “aim small, miss small.”, right?

Same concept… but the micro-sight is key to it.

In other words, if you pick the 2nd button down on a shirt as your target instead of just shooting “center-mass”, obviously you’re going to get a naturally tighter shot group.

Here’s How To Create Your Combat Shooting “Micro-Sight”…

Actually, it’s ridiculously simple – yet so powerful…

  • All you need is some “white-out”, an appliance paint pen, or “sight paint” (sold at gun stores).
  • Next, lightly wet the end of a toothpick with your chosen marking fluid(I told you it was a “MICRO” sight, right?)
  • Now, touch it to the top-center of your front sight, right above your tritium vial or front sight dot (if you’ve got one) until you’ve got a spot that’s about the size of the head of a pin.
    That’s it!

Now of course there’s a LOT more to preparing for a real gunfight than just having a tiny white dot on your front sight, right?

But this one trick is really helpful for combat shooting as well because – as we all know- in a real gunfight, it’s really hard to even SEE your sights at all.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, where you can, “aimed fire” will ALWAYS be more accurate than “point shooting”.

You need both.

That’s why my friend and retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch developed the combat course for the Naval shooting team – and later his civilian “combat concealed carry” course.

He put it all in a collection of DVD’s that show you how to develop ALL of your combat gunfighting skills – from close-quarters ambushes… to parking lot hold-ups.

Not only that, but Larry uses a 2-step approach to literally “program” your brain to use the tactics you’ll discover instinctively when you need them the most.

If you carry a concealed handgun – or even if you rely on a firearm for home defense – you really owe it to yourself (and those you love) to check out this concealed carry combat shooting program here…

Personally, anything that has the power to transform your accuracy AND your ability to face a life-or-death attack is a no-brainer in my book.

I mean, why the hell would you even own a gun if you didn’t fully plan on being able to use it under the most extreme conditions, right?


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