What To Say When The Police Arrive After A Shooting: "I peed my pants!"

What To Say When The Police Arrive After A Shooting: “I peed my pants!”

Last week I was at my private combat pistol shooting class and my instructor and I were talking about the “legal” side of firearm defense.

He’s a crusty old undercover agent (from a “will not be disclosed” government alphabet agency) who has been shot 4 times… sliced open with a knife… and killed untold number of society’s rejects in real gunfights.

That’s why I soak up every last bit of his advice like gravy on my biscuits.

Anyway, in relation to your “legal defense” alibi when police show up after a shooting, he made a good point…

What To Do When Police Arrive After A Shooting

Here was the sage advice from my private firearms trainer…

“I can tell you that I hope I never have to shoot anyone – even in my home.

But if I DO have to stop someone, when the police show up, they’re going to find me with blood all over my hands from trying to stop the bleeding to save the guy I shot… and I’ll have peed my pants out of fear for my life!  

Hell, if I haven’t already wet myself, I’m either gonna do it on purpose or I’m gonna throw some water on my crotch to make sure that the responding officer sees me soaked!”

After I stopped laughing, I understood exactly what he meant…

Now I’m not saying you should “stage” a crime scene, but the fact is, many police officers have found out the hard way that a life-or-death gunfight can trigger your body to “evacuate” bodily fluids in an adrenalized state.

And besides, nowadays with everything being on camera, do you really think some detective wants to find himself on the evening news (or YouTube) with his nose down near your junk, “testing” your story?

The bottom line is that you ALWAYS need to consider how it “looks” when officers show up to your 9-1-1 call.

You obviously don’t want to come out with your chest puffed up, making statements like, “One less dirt bag to litter the Earth!”.

I know you wouldn’t say that, but frankly, you’d be surprised at just how many mistakes you’re probably don’t know about right now that will make you “look” like a murderer to a jury should you have to go to court to defend your actions (either criminally or civilly).

That’s the whole reason why we give away this free “Bulletproof Defense” DVD to all responsibly-armed citizens.

I mean, did you realize that the average cost of getting your lawyer to prove your innocence in court is $45,000?

And that’s even if you have a pretty airtight case.

It can get much worse than that (especially if you make one little mistake the prosecutor can nail you on – no matter how small).

Don’t screw around with this stuff, thinking you’ve got it all figured out.

I promise you, you don’t.

Grab your free “Bulletproof Defense” DVD now so you know how to protect yourself before and AFTER a shooting!

Because once the flashing red and blue lights show up at your door, it’s too late to try to “learn” what your legal requirements were before you pulled the trigger.

Don’t put yourself or your family through the hell of finding out the hard way.

What Other “Mistakes” Do People Make When The Police Arrive?

Please Share Your Insights Below Now…

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