Will Your Holster KILL You?
  • Will Your Holster KILL You?

    You probably don’t remember it, but years ago there was a television show called “Friday the 13th: The Series.”

    Instead of a hockey-masked killer with a machete chasing college “coeds” around every week, it was a show about a shop full of cursed objects.

    (And yeah, these cursed objects got people killed, most of the time, which was the problem.)

    You might think that sounds pretty silly (most viewers did)… but you could have one of those “cursed objects” on your body right now.

    (insert Jason ch-ch-ch noises here.)

    Now, before I forget, the free shooting training I told you about earlier this week is available for a limited time as a FREE REPLAY, and I have a point to make about that a little farther down in this email.

    But as for the killer object you might be carrying…

    …I’m talking about your holster.

    Will Your Holster Get You KILLED?

    Will Your Holster KILL You?

    Your holster isn’t just for carrying your gun around.

    It’s part of your overall CCW system, and it plays a role not only in deploying your gun, but also in retaining your gun if you’re struggling with an attacker who’s on top of you.

    Choosing the wrong holster, then, means choosing one that could result in you losing your gun – or failing to deploy it – and then getting SHOT in a gunfight.


    When selecting a holster, keep these 3 tips in mind:

    1. Only Belt Loops, No Belt Clips

    Speaking of television shows, there’s one that’s one of the longest-running programs EVER starring Mark Harmon, called NCIS.

    In it, the Navy Criminal Investigators are constantly pulling their guns with their holsters out of their desk drawers, clipping them on, then taking them off and putting them back in their desks.

    It’ll drive any gun person nuts.

    Belt clips can come loose at the worst possible moment, especially if you’re struggling with your gun.

    And while a clip-on holster is convenient, you should NOT be constantly taking your gun on and off.

    Do not rely on clips, therefore, if you want to make sure your holster and your gun stay where you left them.

    2. Avoid Secondary Retention Features

    A lot of holsters have what are called “secondary retention features.”

    These are things like snap-straps, thumb-breaks, finger-presses, and other gadgets intended to make it harder to “open” the holster.

    (Law enforcement sometimes uses these to prevent people from grabbing their guns.)

    Well, these features add another level of complication (which is usually not something you need to worry about in, say, an inside-the-waistband holster).

    Making your draw more complicated will NOT help you under stress, and might stop you from drawing your gun.

    Even a split-second delay could get you killed in a real gunfight, so buy a holster that doesn’t use or need these secondary retention features.

    3. Is It At The Proper Angle?

    Another thing to consider is that just because you bought the latest whiz-bang operator-style holster, it may not be t the right ANGLE.

    Different holsters have different “cants,” which positions the grip of the pistol for a fast and comfortable draw…

    …or, if you use the WRONG angle, makes the draw slower and less ergonomic.

    For example, if you’re trying to use a 3:30 carry cant for appendix carry, it’s going to be awkward.

    Your awkward draw will also telegraph what you’re doing to an attacker, and might make getting your gun impossible if you’re grappling with the bad guy (or your movement is limited some other way).

    Make sure your holster is canted comfortably and correctly for the carry and draw you’ll be using.

    Once you’ve got the right holster, though, you’re all set, right?

    Well, no.


    Yes, a quality holster, a quality gun, and training to draw your weapon will all help you (as we discussed yesterday and now today)… but these are just one or two of the factors involved in a real-life gunfight.

    To survive on the street if you have to shoot down an attacker, you also have to understand the OTHER real-life gunfight factors.

    And I like I said yesterday, there are SEVEN factors, total, in a real gunfight!

    One thing I’ve discovered is that to truly become a “master gunfighter,” ALL these seven factors have to be trained…at the same time!

    I know… sounds impossible, right?

    Well, my friend – and expert firearms instructor – “Ox” showed me that it is completely do-able… and it’s actually really fun, too!

    He developed a step-by-step training regimen he calls “The Praxis Method” that does it all for you.

    I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve found this method nothing short of ground-breaking.

    Ox goes way beyond things like, “Hey, maybe don’t carry a bad holster,” and right into the nitty gritty of how to become an expert gunfighter.

    In fact, I believe his method could literally revolutionize firearms training as we know it – and it’s starting to get a TON of buzz right now in the tactical training world.

    If you’d like to see how it works, we did a FREE workshop for a select number of shooters last night – and for a limited time, you can watch that workshop, at completely no cost, right on this page.

    Check it out before it comes down – you’ll be really glad you did!

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