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MCS 115: Gun-Control Come-Backs!


Let’s face it…

More and more of our constitutional rights are being attacked on a daily basis!

Government eavesdropping on our private lives… no-knock searches on innocent civilians… freedom of speech stomped on for saying “the wrong thing”…

But nothing is more terrifying than the constant assault on our ability to defend ourselves with a firearm – ANY firearm you and I choose – to protect those we love.

Of course no one wants criminals, terrorists, psychos, and “the stupid” to have guns… but the Left’s arguments of why we need more gun control (and how to do it) requires all of us Patriots to do our part to keep the 2nd Amendment alive.

And that means having a great come-back when your liberal sister-in-law tries to put you in your place at the Thanksgiving table this year.

And that’s where Guy Smith comes in…

In this archive broadcast, Guy gives you a “no b.s.” 2AD debate-winning arsenal of truth nuggets that will wipe that smile off of anyone’s face who thinks you can’t argue back on such doozies as these….

How To Win Arguments With Gun Grabbers

Win Any Gun Control Argument

Here’s what you’ll discover as “come-backs” in this episode…

  • “The gun show loophole is putting firearms into the hands of criminals and terrorists!”
  • “There just aren’t enough gun laws in effect!”
  • “Do it for the CHILDREN!”
  • “Countries with tighter gun control have less crime!”
  • “Gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the insane!”

You and I both know these are all nonsense when you run it through the “myth filter”.

But now you’ll have a quick, bulletproof response for each one!

Just try not to smile too wide when you see the look of shock on your “opponent’s” face.

Do YOU Have A Friend, Neighbor, Co-Worker Or Relative Who Argues With You About Gun-Control?

Share Your Funniest Experiences And Best Come-Backs Below Now…

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