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Dik Chance


Dik Chance has worked for 25 years for the UK Ministry of Defence and is an expert on fear in all its guises. Growing up in the most violent areas of the UK, Dik came to formal martial arts training quite late in life, quickly recognizing the gap between that the traditional training he was receiving and his real-world experience on the streets. This made him determined to develop training methodologies to overcome this discrepancy and along the way, he teamed up with Bill Kipp, founder of the FAST Defense system.

Dik was one of the first people to introduce fear adrenal stress training to Europe and is now the European Director of FAST Defence and FAST Combatives, developing much of the FAST Combatives syllabus, he is also the only person other than Bill Kip qualified to train and certify new instructors in the FAST Defence and FAST Combatives systems.

Dik has published many articles on all aspects of self-defense, personal protection, fear and other aspects of this life changing training.

He has recently completed possibly one of the most revolutionary training DVD's to come onto the market in years for revealing how to deliver amazing force and destruction in every strike called, "Maximum Power Striking for Self Defense".