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Kevin Reeve


Kevin Reeve is the founder and Director of onPoint Tactical, the leading provider of training in Urban Survival and Escape and Evasion. onPoint has trained many members of elite military groups including US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEALs, MARSOC, AF Pararescue, Navy and Air Force SERE Instructors, as well as members of LE such as the DEA, US Marshal Service, ICE, Secret Service, and the CIA.

In addition to urban skills, Kevin teaches wilderness survival, tracking, SERE, Point Man training, Scout, and related skills.

Prior to founding onPoint Tactical LLC, Kevin worked for one of the top tracking schools in America. Kevin spent 8 years as a Director at this program, and was responsible for the instructor staff there.

Kevin also worked at Apple Computer for 5 years doing organizational development and executive coaching, as well as platform training and curriculum development. Kevin has also been involved in Scouting for over 35 years, including 25 years as a Scoutmaster.

Kevin’s TV and Movie credits include technical work on the film The Hunted, History Channel’s After Armageddon, National Geographic’s When Aliens Attack, CourtTV’s Trackdown: The Chase, as well as features about Kevin and the school on G4’s Attack of the Shcw, and ABC News Nightline.