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Loren Christensen


Loren Christensen began his martial arts training in 1965 and over the years he has earned 11 black belts, 8 in karate, 2 in jujitsu, 1 in arnis. He is also an accomplished author, veteran police officer (retired), and a high-ranking martial artist whose articles have appeared in a variety of magazines, to include Soldier of Fortune, Warriors, Blackbelt, Karate Illustrated, Karate International, Police, Law and Order, and numerous others.

as an author of 45 books, Christensen has received high praise for his easy-to-read, informative writing style from readers and book reviewers in the United States, France and Russia.

Add to this, many cutting edge self defense DVD's and you can see why Loren has become a virtual legend within the close quarters combat community!