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Russ Adler


Russ Adler is a retired Law Enforcement officer with over 28 years of training and tactical leadership experience, specializing in working with police, military, private security personnel and citizens in the use of firearms, hand-to-hand combatives, emergency first-aid, and tactical & evasive driving.

Executive Director of Adler & Associates International, Russ’s company is a registered Government Contractor with training operations both in the United States as well as overseas, training military personnel and contractors in a variety of advanced mission-critical courses such as small-unit tactics, high-performance off-road tactical driving and other combat-oriented skills.

Although much of Russ’s training experience has been with military and law enforcement personnel, his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have offered him a unique perspective on how to survive in unknown surroundings under extreme conditions.

This background has provided a unique foundation for working with disaster response teams in some of the most hard-hit “crisis zones” in the U.S. and abroad - including security and response missions in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina as well as the post-disaster “collapse” in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Russ has gone on to share his real-world experience with others as a contributing author to several tactical and survival publications and provides specialized training in these areas through his company and website.