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Susan Carrichner-Rexrode


Being held hostage in your home at knife-point would be more than enough traumatize any woman for the rest of their life.

Susan Carrichner-Rexrode survived that horror - and then some...

Stalked by a man that evaded arrest for two years and invaded her privacy, she lived in a state of fear until he passed away in 1998. But Susan is stronger than both these men - maybe not physically... but in her sheer perseverance to refuse to live the life of a "victim".

What transpired afterword is a true inspiration for all women (and a few good men) about how to live life without fear - even in a world of hate and violence.

Susan and her husband Rob went on to create the Shooting For Women Alliance with the mission to provide a "softer side of shooting" for women to take control of their own safety while enjoying the sport of firearms shooting.

But don't let the word "softer" fool you... Susan is a dead-eye with a pistol (and other firearms) and will best most men who challenge her on the firing line - and then show the woman in their life how to do the same!