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Cheap “Hardware Store Fix For All Weapons & Tools

I know that Monday mornings can be busy, so today I’ve got a “quick tip” for you that works with just about any EDC tool or weapon you carry.

Like a lot of you, I’m a fan of Glock pistols, and there’s one product I’ve seen on the market for Glocks that REALLY illustrates how good packaging raises prices.

See, the plastic grip of the Glock can be a little slick, so quite a few years ago now, more than one company started offering these sets of what were basically textured stickers laid out in the right shapes for the grip.

Some had a rubbery texture, and some were more like sandpaper.

They really enhance the feel of the grip and give you more traction.

That traction can save your life… because when some 300-pound methed-up monster is trying to punch your head off, you can’t afford to fumble your pistol as you get it into action to shoot him off you.

But here’s the thing (and here’s my quick tip for this Monday morning)…

You don’t need to buy the sets that are already laid out for you.

They’re a LOT more expensive than just buying a roll of the stuff and cutting it into whatever shape you want!

I’ve seen people do this with skateboard tape and products like “Goon Tape,” but the roll of stuff in this picture is just sandpaper textured stair tape you can buy at any hardware store.

Stair Tape Tactical Tip

It’s used to lay down on steps so that people are less likely to slip when walking on them.

And, what do you know… it makes just about EVERY tool or weapon easier to grip!

I added some to this smooth metal “pop knife” and was immediately impressed by how much more traction it gave my grip.

You can use it on guns, on knives, on the handles of impact weapons… ANYTHING you want to add traction to.

And, honestly?

I bought a roll of this stuff a few years ago and STILL haven’t made a dent in it, so one roll is going to go a LONG way.

That’s being “super tactical” on a budget… but, hey, if you want to buy the more expensive option because it looks more tacticool, that’s your call, you know?

What’s your best “tactical” or non-tactical EDC Upgrade Tip?
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