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How “Good” CCWers OUT Themselves (And 5 Tricks For Covert EDC)

Just between you and me, you’re a “good” CCWer, right?

You don’t “flash” your hardware.

You use a good, high-quality CCW holster that keeps your roscoe out of sight…

…but that keeps it accessible for a real-life gunfight.

But a lot of “good” CCWers then go and mess themselves up by completely “outing” themselves as “tactical people” with their OTHER EDC accessories!

Wanna know how?

I explained it with a few simple EDC tips in this wayback edition of Warrior Life TV:

Now, I’m not looking to ruffle anybody’s feathers, but I know it happens.

If you agree – and especially if you disagree – leave me a comment here, okay?

I want to know what YOU think.

(Oh, and keep in mind this is a “wayback” edition, so this is an ooold video — and that means the URL I mention in the video is no longer active.

If you search around, you can find similar products online.)

Enjoy your day!

So, Do You Agree? What Are YOUR Covert EDC Tips?
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  • magdalena says:

    didnt understand the fire starter shoe lace thing and its relevance to this topic. Can you explain further, connect the dots.

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