Pocket Loadout: What's Your Bare-Minimum EDC?

Pocket Loadout: What’s Your Bare-Minimum EDC?

This interesting picture is what I got when I asked Warrior Life‘s Buck Greene, our fill-in podcast host, to empty his pockets.

We were talking about EDC (everyday carry), so I wanted to know what people in our “in-group” carry.

As a lifelong survivalist and Second Amendment supporter, Buck’s choices are interesting.

That includes one choice in particular:

He’s carrying redundant items to back each other up.

(Do you do the same?)

Here’s the picture:

The items include…

  • The Swiss Army Knife (something he says his father always carried)
  • The pocket folder in leather slip-sheath (a gift from his girlfriend, he explained)
  • The LED flashlight (I carry something similar)
  • The Zippo and the Survival Frog lighter
  • That cool bandanna (which ties in to the piece we wrote about skull imagery)
  • The tactical pen and metal notebook
  • The Milwaukee folding knife (which you can get at Home Depot)


The redundant lighters struck me as most interesting — because, as Buck says, he loves his Zippos, but can’t rely on them to light when he needs them (because the fuel evaporates).

(The Survival Frog lighter is thus his backup for his “cooler” (but much less reliable) Zippo.)

So now I’m curious: What do YOU carry?

Don’t worry about trying to take a picture; just list, in the comments, what your daily EDC loadout is.

How does it compare to someone like Buck?

Is he over-compensating, or not carrying enough? And what’s missing from his load-out?

Let me know what you think – I’m really curious to see what your answers will be.

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