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This Hidden “SAK” Tool Could Be In YOUR Pocket Already

Hey, if you’ve read this blog before, you know we’ve talked about how great Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) are, but…

…I learned something just recently that kind of blew my mind.

I was watching random YouTube videos about multitools, and one small channel made a BIG point.

In fact, when I checked with one of our staff, Buck Greene (our resident Swiss Army Knife fanatic), he didn’t believe me, so…

…he checked, and he discovered that for more than twenty-five years, he’s had one of these hidden tools and didn’t know it!

It turns out, SOME (but not all) Victorinox Swiss Army Knives come from the factory with a tiny hole in them.

Swiss Army Knife Tips
Swiss Army Knife Tips

In some, the hole is hidden by the Phillips head screwdriver, and in others, by the corkscrew.

That tiny hole is designed to accept a straight pin, something you could use for sewing, for removing splinters, as a fish hook (if you bend it), and lots of OTHER things a tiny, sharp sliver of metal is good for.

Swiss Army Knife Tips

Swiss Army Knife Tips

But Buck told me he’s had a black-handled SwissChamp knife in his collection for almost three decades, and it CAME with a straight pin hidden by the corkscrew.

Swiss Army Knife Tips

It was there all this time, and he never knew it!

If you’ve got Victorinox Swiss Army Knives lying around, yours could have either that tiny pin, or (more likely) the hole for keeping one in place.

And if you have the little hole, you can buy straight pins for Victorinox Swiss Army knives online (like on eBay) to equip the knives you have.

(Buck told me he ordered a little pack of them and retrofitted all the SAKs he owns that had the hole but no pin.)

I just think it’s amazing that, no matter how long you’ve been into prepping, survival, EDC, and other self-reliance topics…

…there are still little gems of knowledge like this that come along when you least expect them.

What are YOUR best little-known survival, preparedness, or EDC tips?

Share your thoughts in the comments below now!

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  • This is one of my favorite “secrets” of SAKs.

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