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[Toolbox Tuesday] Do NOT Carry This Escape & Evasion Tool

Escape and evasion usually means carrying tools (and using tactics) that help you get away from someone who’s chasing you, and…

bypass barriers that might stop you from going where you need to go.

A common tool I’ve seen recommended for this is for breaking glass.

Because especially in modern urban and suburban areas, often the only barrier between you and getting away is a pane of glass.

And the tool anybody can buy from a Harbor Freight or any other hardware store is a center punch.

Center Punch

These work great for busting glass.

They’re spring-loaded, so you just push them against the corner of a window, and BAM!

Window busted… but there’s just one problem:

These are a frequently used tool of thieves who target cars.

They use them to break out car windows, FAST, so they can rifle through the vehicle looking for valuables, guns, etc.

If you were stopped and searched by a cop for some reason… or you forget this in your pocket going through as security checkpoint… there’s a good chance they’ll think you’re some kind of criminal scumbag up to no good.

And if a kidnapper or hostage taker found it on you, he’d probably know what it was, too, and you’ve just blown your “gray man” cover.

A much better alternative that does the same thing – but which is waaaay more covert – are these elastic “GTFO” glass-breaker bracelets:

glass breaker bracelet

This isn’t a sponsored message; I don’t get a dime for telling you about these.

(The one pictured is from SapGear.com, but there are other sites that sell something similar.)

They look like NOTHING, so they’ll never raise any suspicion.

It’s a simple elastic band bracelet, but it has a tiny tungsten carbide bead on it.

You take the bracelet off, use your fingers like a slingshot, and snap the bead into glass.

Even a light strike is enough to punch a hole out of this glass mason jar… so if you really wind up, this thing will do some damage!

So, instead of carrying an escape and evasion tool that will immediately raise eyebrows in people “in the know,” you can wear this much more subtle bracelet (that is a lot more comfortable for everyday carry, too).

That’s my Toolbox Tuesday tip for you this week.

Be safe out there!

  • Marc Mathers says:

    Looks like striker wheel off a butane lighter. Haven’t tried to disassemble on yet.

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