How To Be A Bad@ss (in 1 Sitting)

How To Be A Bad@ss (in 1 Sitting)

I’ve said before that all of us should always be learning to become better protectors, providers, and patriots.

That’s why I started our Warrior Life Academy, in fact.

One of the ways I stay training (when I’m not learning directly from all of you) is to read as much as I can that will help me improve my skills.

And you can learn a LOT from even a short book, the kind of thing you finish in a single sitting.

For example, one of the most famous little books in the shooting world is a short one by Jeff Cooper called Principles of Personal Defense.

A lot of people consider it one of the best little short books on self-defense ever written, and they’re probably right.

Whenever I read a different book that reminds me of Cooper’s Principles of Personal Defense, I know it’s worth my time.

Books like this give you “warrior wisdom” for TODAY’s warrior living.

(It’s almost like I picked the name of our company for a reason, you know?)

One of those MODERN books of warrior wisdom is Ernest Emerson’s The 7 Strategies of Hand To Hand Combat.

This little gem of a book is PACKED with 35 years of insight from a Tier One hand-to-hand combat instructor.

But this isn’t just a “how to” book; it’s a book of combat philosophy and how to apply that philosophy to being a bad@ss.

It includes things like…

Emerson’s “Three Laws of Combat” – and the specific tactics he uses to implement them (like why and how to destroy a person’s balance)

His strategies for choosing and using techniques – in other words, how to decide what specific move to use, and how to know which moves are best!

How to understand – and dominate – your “fight or flight” process

How to become difficult to hit – and how to hit the other guy FIRST, before his attack can occur

There’s a lot more, all packed into a nice, short read.

Now, you could buy it a certain giant online book site… if you want to pay an extra five bucks you don’t need to pay.

If you get it from this link instead, they’ll mail you the physical book.

That’s right – this isn’t a digital download, but a paperback book.

(And no, you don’t have to watch the “mandatory” video – just move your mouse like you’re going to click off the page and a window will pop up that let’s you skip it.)

There are a few more “no thanks” windows to get through, and a final pitch at the end, but you don’t have to enter any information in that.

I think this is a great little primer on warrior philosophy…

…And something that can help YOU, too, become a better protector and provider for the people you care about.

Do yourself a favor and check it out now – because every one of us can always become better warriors.

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