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6 Ways Prison-Hardened Predators “Think” About Fighting (And How To Steal Their Secrets To Destroy Any Man!)

Ever wonder how you’d fare against a predator who’s not just tough… but “prison-tough”?

These aren’t your everyday bullies; these are hardened predators who view the world — and fighting — through a lens most can’t even fathom.

It’s not about brute force… it’s about a mindset honed in the most unforgiving environments imaginable.

Having grown up in these same “kill-or-be-killed” environments – from the “hood” to prison – I want to give you some “insider secrets” on exactly how those of us locked-up in the ultimate “proving ground” think, so you’ll be better prepared to spot danger before it strikes… and take fast, decisive action when you have no other option but to defend yourself.

This isn’t just about learning to fight—it’s about transforming your very essence to think, act, and react like those who treat survival as the only option.

Here Are 6 Ways Prison-Hardened Predators “Think” About Fighting That Their “Prey” Will Never Understand!

Prison Fighting Mindset

1. Find Your Fangs

In prison, you learn fast how to fight… because you have to!

If you don’t, you’re going to at some point make a decision of whether you’re going to be someone’s “bitch” – or whether you’re going to do everything you can to demand the respect that you alone determine you’re “worth”.

It only takes a few beat-downs to realize this reality… and to also realize that “fighting” doesn’t require complicated kung-fu techniques as much as it requires you to train your mind to be brutally vicious in your intent.

You see, the reality is that you’re already programmed – to your very DNA – to “fight” in order to stay alive.

“Fighting” isn’t immoral, cruel, paranoid, trashy, or unfair.

It’s how we “survive”… and it’s also how the asocial predators of our society have fashioned violence into the weapon that it is, in order to take what they want from you.

The #1 biggest deciding factor behind winning or losing a fight is choosing to (or not to) fight – and at what level.

2. Prey On Your Predator

Predatory criminals are always looking for “prey” to pounce on.

In prison, you earn “status” and respect by elevating yourself through violence.

And prisoners in “the system” never expect pity, assistance, leniency, or mercy… because you’re not going to get any!

They don’t concern themselves with the possibilities of injury, or even death, because thinking in that manner is just a distraction that limits the level of your response.

If you’re forced to fight, you need to have one sole focus…

embrace your moment of truth – and own it as YOUR time to be vicious!

You look into the face of your assailant and view them as the victim and yourself as the “predator”.

3. Nobody’s Bitch!

Respect means everything in prison.

Without respect, your “status” in the system is “3rd Class Bitch” and you’re inviting other inmates to use you as a rag doll to elevate their own status among the general population.

You either accept your “bitch” status and give whatever the bully wants to take from you – including your dignity – or you have to fight to keep it.

Likewise, when someone comes to harm or rob you, that person is basically saying that you and all of the hard work that you did before you encountered them now belongs to them.

They’re announcing that “you don’t deserve what you’ve worked for”, and that they are going to prove it to you by taking it from you, and you are going to admit that they are correct by not doing a damn thing about it!

It’s the biggest insult that any person could ever make upon another person who believes in being “self-made”.

This itself should automatically trigger a seething hatred and anger with your attacker that you can use to your advantage to fight back.

4. Freedom Of “Everything To Lose”

When prisoners target their prey, their attack has consequences for their victim far beyond a black eye and a bloody nose.

The outcome of the fight will decide not only sometimes if you live or die… but also how you’ll be treated by others in the system and how much of your few possessions you’ll be able to keep in the future.

For you, a criminal’s attack will be made for you… and can determine how you will get to live the rest of your life out.

Their mindset is that they’re going to strip you of your possessions, dignity, and possibly whether you’ll ever be able to walk again… maybe even your life!

You MUST assume that this is where this situation is going… because it IS where it will go if he decides so.

And if this is such, then “What in the *uck do you have to lose except your dignity and life!?”

The options that you have in this situation offer you the primitive freedom of “having everything to lose”.

And a person with everything to lose is the most dangerous person in a conflict.

Use this moment of liberation to attack viciously  -without fear or restraint – because things are probably over anyway.

5. Abandon “Civilization”

If it’s one thing the most hardened criminals have that most civilians don’t… is a complete abandonment of the “rules” of the “civilized” world most of us live in.

Even though you may be a fine, upstanding citizen yourself – good husband/wife… father/mother… you pay your taxes… let cars cut in front of you in traffic to be courteous…

… all those “good deeds” are “weaknesses” that won’t serve you in a brutal attack.

The most crucial step to dominate and win a fight is having the willingness to dive in – 100% – with a mindset free from the mental restraints that society has placed on on you in order to keep you meek and “easy to control”.

You must be “uncontrollable” during the fight to activate your inner warrior!

And once you’ve saved your life and won, you can flick the switch and return to being “civilized”.

6. Follow The ONLY Rule That Matters In A Real Street Fight

I know most instructors say that there are “no rules in a real street fight” – but that’s only partially correct.

Hardened prisoners have learned that there in fact is one single rule you must follow to win against your enemy…

… cheat!

Yes, you heard me correctly.

It’s imperative that you cheat and “fight dirty” during a real fight because the other guy – if he’s learned what all of us prisoners have – will!

Your objective is to come out alive – not to win points… not to be “acknowledged” as some badass… and not to win a trophy.

On the street – just as it is in prison – there is no “honor” or “sportsmanship” in losing a street fight because you may be permanently mangled or die from the loss.

So do all that you can to be unfair to your enemy until you’ve defeated him or her for good!


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The Bottom Line…

You have spent your entire life doing what you feel is correct to get to where you are and acquire the things that you have.

All of your sweat, blood and tears have been put into all that you have developed, including yourself and family.

But nothing in your life will matter at that moment you have a 250lb “gorilla” staring you down, ready to rip your head off, except the fact that you cannot wait to see if he’ll have mercy on you or not.

He won’t.

You have to “flip the script” in your own mind and – to think like a hardened prisoner – and decide that you will be the one to destroy the man in front of you using every last ounce of vicious intent you can pull from deep down in the very core of what gifts you’ve naturally been given to stay alive.

Ever Known Anyone In Jail Or Prison (Or Been There Yourself)?!

Share Any “Insider Secrets” For Surviving An Attack!

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