What It Takes To Be A Strong Man | Defenders Live Roundtable

What Does It Take To Be A “Strong” Man? [Defenders Live Roundtable]

What does it take to be a “strong” man?

Well, that’s the question posed to a cop and two combat veterans by Lora Thorson, host (and strong female herself!) on the Defenders Live podcast roundtable.

I’m not sure we have all the answers… but we all really opened up with our own personal experiences, the ups and downs, the wins and losses, and the challenges we face as men in being strong providers and protectors.

Get an inside peek under the hood of some “strong men” (who aren’t afraid to tap into their “soft man” side) and have a few laughs with us!

Defenders Live Roundtable: What Does It Take To Be A “Strong” Man?

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How combat completely changed our views of what “strength” really means as a family protector and provider!
  • How a “soft”, zen-like attitude can go a looooong way to dealing with adversity and challenge!
  • Wives… children… ex-wives… (and more ex-wives!): How our relationships help form – and sometimes even sabotage – our “strength” as men!
  • How “strength” evolves over time… and how to sustain your “inner grit-growth” to face any crisis with humble, quiet, confidence!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Hey Warriors (Both Men AND Women!)…
What Do YOU Feel It Takes To Be A “Strong” Man?

Please Share Your Personal Thoughts In The Comments Below…

  • Dennis Eagleberger says:

    Being a devout Christian willing to fight for what America stands for.

  • Mental toughness and fortitude are No. 1. You have to walk the walk! not just talk it

  • Glenn R LAMBERT Sr says:

    Being a disabled Vietnam veteran and having raised 3 kids, boy 43, girl 42 and boy 34, as a single father widowed twice, I believe you need to ask God for strength and guidance, wisdom will come. You must learn to truly love, this means no judgment, love them where ever in life they are. A soft word, a gentle touch and understanding shows absolute “strength.” Intently ‘listen,’ quietly, thinking it through is big, and, this is important… Respond, do not React. Every situation is different, so think and know these two certainties, ‘time will tell’ and ‘this to shall pass’
    ~A response comes from your intellect~
    ~A reaction comes from your emotion~
    Incidentally, my 3 kids and I are very, very close. There’s never a time we fail to say, I love you, (knowing that it’s) with all my heart, no matter what. Hugs are paramount.
    I said this, I meant it and they know it…
    “You can’t do anything to make me love you less.”
    The two rules to life …
    #1. Be smart.
    #2. Follow rule number one, always and to the best of your ability.
    Be vulnerable, swiftly admit when you’re wrong and promptly apologize when you know you need to.
    I believe all of this is the content that creates steadfastness, and this is what it takes to be a strong human being, man or woman.
    Bring this into your every day life, have fun and don’t forget to laugh a lot

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      I love it Glenn! Great words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leading by example: If you want your kids to understand WHY we shouldn’t be sheep led to slaughtet then show them. Want your sons to learn to defend their loved ones, be leaders and not followers, then it starts with dad. Even after injuries, several operations and a lifetime of being beaten on, show them how to get back up and hit the gym, do those push-ups, hit that bag, grin and bear it. (This includes when to train smart ie. walk instead of run when we’re actually hurt & of course knowing the difference between being sore and actually hurt) As important as teaching “tough” mindset is to nurture and teach kindness and love. There is no understanding of defending something to your final breath, if you don’t understand what love is and what we’re supposed to fight for. Teach youngsters to lend a helping hand, be useful, be neighborly. Teach the difference between a true enemy and someome we might simply not prefer the company of. Teach that most of the “sour puss”grumps at school just need a friend and encouragement, rather than a fat lip. Fighting and combat as a last resort, but one we are comfortable with and ready for if/when the moment comes.

  • For me as a woman it takes patience, staying calm and a good judgment with the ability to size up any situation without over-reacting so as to respond correctly. you can show your strength without looking crazy, if you maintain a firm calm presence in any situation.
    I trust first and foremost in God and my connection to the Holy Spirit because that voice has never failed me. It is the voice of reason and most do not listen to it. Also, never give up in any situation that threatens your life, never give in to the enemy.

  • Michael Schappert says:

    The true meaning of Meekness
    For those who have a sword and knows how to use it but choose to keep it sheathed shall inherit the world

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