7 Key Factors For How To Develop Your SHTF Combat Mind-Set

7 Key Factors To Develop Your “Combat Mind-Set” For Extreme Survival Scenarios

If you’re following any kind of a prepping path, I’m sure at some point you’ve heard of the need to develop a “survival mindset”.

And I know that term has a LOT of different meanings attached to it, all of them basically coming down to the principles of “NEVER give up” and “do whatever it takes to stay alive”.

But have you ever really thought about EXACTLY what that means?

Your survival mindset has a second factor to it that’s actually a LOT harder to process, and for MOST people, also a lot harder to develop.

I’m talking about your “COMBAT mindset” – and in this week’s episode, you’ll discover WHAT that isWHY you need it… and also share some tips on how to DEVELOP it… EVEN if you don’t consider yourself to be an “aggressive” person or someone who even wants to THINK about “combat” in any way.

7 Key Factors To Develop Your “Combat Mind-Set” For Extreme Survival Scenarios!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The unlikely “enemies” you didn’t realize you had… and how to defeat your “blind spots”!
  • How to tap into your own “primal instincts” of survival that include questioning your identity – and transforming it with a purpose!
  • What specific type of “tactical firearms course” you should seek out to take you beyond your local gun range!
  • The “Deliverance Lesson” in dishing out violence during times with no rule of law present!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Have You Had To Ever Make That “Switch” In Your Brain To Becoming Dangerous?

Please Share Your Experiences And Lessons-Learned In The Comments Below…

  • I was a police officer for over 26 years. I was also a member of our SWAT Team. I went to an Air National Guard Scout Sniper school. I visualized the targets as people rather than steel plates as a method to prepare me if I had to take a shot. Shortly after I returned, I ended up in a situation in which I was faced with an armed robber. The time came that I had to take a shot, but with a pistol instead of a rifle. I dropped him with one shot, but he did survive. The whole thing just seemed so surreal. As a police sergeant, I was on the scene when several of my officers had to shoot an armed suspect, but it turned out to be a very realistic BB pistol. I finally became a captain (shift commander) and received radio traffic about a fleeing felony suspect. I happened to find him and we ended up in a scuffle. Long story short, I got stabbed, but I shot him. Again, it was a single round from my service pistol, and probably the most accurate shot I ever made. Mental, emotional, and psychological training through mindset and realistic training scenarios made all the difference for me.

  • Henry M Niedzwiecki says:

    Living in a rural area, rather than urban, allows me to shoot at any time. I have a number of critters, that at first, I used to trap rather than shoot.
    In the country, that doesn’t get rid of the critters, so, I began to shoot them. I do have to tell you that it can be hard at first, but you realize, that they only increase in population if you don’t control them. It still hurts when you have to shoot a young one.
    While I hope that I never have to shoot a Human, I can remember how it was to shoot those first few critters, and know what might have to be done. And yes, I once cut a man who came after me, using a fast opening knife. Luckily, there was a Cop who witnessed what happened, and I was allowed to go home and the guy who got cut, went to the hospital. It ended up with the cut guy apologizing to me, as he didn’t even remember why he rushed at me. I just happened to see him coming and reached for the knife automatically.

  • I was taught to learn to hate your enemy. They are making you do something no wants to do. Also don’t look in their eyes. We tend to freeze when you do.

  • I started a few years ago with nothing but life’s experiences. I learned to garden and canning and moved to a rural area. I have been taking firearms training for 3 years with a former Seal. I agree that you have to have the discussion with yourself when you would use deadly force. I don’t take it lightly and I pray and talk with God and I have come to an agreement when and where I would use my weapons. I am a Sheep Dog and would never steal from someone, I will ask God for help, but I have no problems with defending the Sheep from the Wolves! Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts to help me be better prepared.

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