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Spec Ops Badass, Joe Teti, Shares His Simple Ways To Take Your “Warrior Mindset” To The Next Level…

He wasn’t born a warrior…

In fact, when he joined the Marine Corps he was the archetypal “99 pounds soaking wet” weak, unathletic teenager.

(He was even afraid of heights and water!)

But Dual Survival’s Joe Teti crafted himself into a warrior who can survive and thrive anywhere – from the Arctic to the Sahara.

And the one “survival tool” he says you need the most in order to survive ANY danger you and your family may face is…

…your “warrior mind-set”!

This isn’t something you can fake just by buying a tacti-cool t-shirt or bumper sticker.

It’s something you have to cultivate deep down inside of you – it’s a way of life – a commitment to walk the “path of the protector”

And fortunately for you, all it takes are a few simple daily practices ANYONE can do…

Super Simple Ways You Can Master Your “Warrior Mindset”, With Dual Survival Star Joe Teti!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Small but important changes to your daily routine to help you master the warrior mindset.
  • The number one common, everyday item that’s ruining your situational awareness.
  • How to set the right improvement goals to build the self-confidence of a warrior. 
  • The types of people who will kill your mindset… and the types who will help it thrive. 
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Daily Practices Are You Using To Cultivate The “Warrior Mindset?” Got Any Tips To Share?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • One of your best interviews ever Jeff, thanks.

  • This was an awesome listen:)

  • Wow! What a great interview and conversation. Thanks much. Keep it up!

  • Joe’s right: It is a Mindset! And here’s a little ProTip on how we can condition ourselves -or a reluctant spouse:
    1. When we’re in a Grocery store, don’t stand within an Arm length of the End of any Particular Isle: *Teaches the mindset to be Aware of a Potential Threat. Which COULD arise if a group of idiots wants to do the “Knockout” game.
    Note: I actually seen footage of such a group doing this by coming up to the end of an isle, and when they seen an elderly woman standing there, they decided to film one of their goons turning back around and Really Fast, coming around the corner and knocking her Out!

    2. Stop walking up to our vehicles, without hitting our Alarm -even if you’re in a group and or armed!
    It may be embarrassing, [at first]; but What ‘Bad guy’ do you know that will stick around when all that commotion is attracting everyone’s attention?
    As for being with a group or even even armed. Think about what Joe said about “The Color Code of Awareness: Black!” When you’re in a Group, or are Confident in your ‘Security,’ (i.e. Armed); we become overly confident in All of the above, thinking that “Nobody’s going to do anything with all of us here. And if they do, I’ll blow their head off!”
    However, the Catch-22 to that mindset, is multi-fold:
    A. You allow your mind to relax. Which
    B. Allows you to be placed in a position within your Group that will take you out of a Tactical Advantage. (meaning that, if you’re in the Center of your Group, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO when they grab your Wife/Husband, Child, or another friend, and point a gun at their head?!?!
    I am not asking what would you WANT or INTEND to do. I am asking you straight forward, What will you be ABLE to do!
    C. Should you be relaxed, are you Really -I mean HONESTLY, Fast and Accurate enough to fill your hand with steel, and beat a Bad guy to the draw WHEN THEY’VE ALREADY GOT THEIRS IN YOUR FACE? (Especially when you freeze. And IF you’re relaxed, You WILL Freeze!)

    3. Do Not walk on the Street-Side of a Sidewalk. Stay to the Wall Side!
    In doing this, you will Reduce the Odds of being jumped by others if you’re fighting another person. This will allow you to utilize that Wall as an impenetrable Buddy at your 6!
    For those of you who don’t know: Criminals RARELY roll by themselves. And if they’re intent on evil, with you in their sights; their buddies will likely not be visible to you.
    They could be 30 feet behind the guy that confronts you. Or they could be 30′ behind you -even across the street. But when their partner initiates the confrontation, they will suddenly be there whooping you like a piñata!

    Now here’s a Pro-Tip Regarding being confronted by a [Group] of thugs. Assuming that your partner’s Armed, I would (and Have, on more than a few occasions) literally PHYSICALLY JUMP ON THE CLOSEST ONE, overwhelm him with your Weight and Sudden action (Trust me, they Will NOT Expect this), with the mindset of getting to his Back and holding him by his neck (Think of a Sleeper hold), and use him as a Shield.
    Trust when I say that they will be hitting him far More than they’re hitting You, and What ever they’re hitting on you, will be Nothing vital or too painful -hell, with your adrenaline pumping, you probably won’t even feel them. That’s how effective this technique is. AND, as you’re choking this guy out, yell at them demanding that they Stop or you’ll break his neck!
    LEGAL NOTE: Be damn sure that they’re actually Confronting you. But don’t wait too long. While this technique works Great in any scenario, it is Best utilized when it is done Sooner than Later: The element of Surprise is just as lethal for Them, as it is to the Common man, Woman, or Child.
    Which is exactly why I agree with Joe on his take on Survival is all about having the Right Mindset!

    But Joe, if you’re reading this: I would rather face a pack of ravenous Wolves with a stick than voluntarily take a Cold shower! lol (But for the record, I’ve Done it… When I HAD to!)

  • David C. Telliho says:

    i`ve seen panic, and he is not pretty. great article, thank you !

  • David C. Telliho says:

    panic is , to me , an extremely deadly foe. 1970, uss mckean,fire in forward ammo magazine.(i put it out) point is, magazine crew panicked entire ship. one, just one of them could have put fire out.in stead, they ran aft, literally screaming. sorta demonstrates whom one can count on when the unexpected happens.be aware, be safe.

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