Real Life Prison Survival Stories For A SHTF Collapse

What PRISON Can Teach Us About SHTF Preparedness

It’s only been three days since the grid went down…

But things got really real, real quick.

Seemingly “normal” people are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to feed themselves and their families!

Thinking of calling the cops?

Don’t bother.

They’ve all gone home to protect their families… ditto on the military.

And the armed criminal gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs aren’t just going to sit on their hands waiting for the right moment to help. 

They’re coming to take whatever you have that they want!

Your food… your guns… your water… even your wife and children. 

But prison provides excellent insight into both how the post-collapse world will function and how you can survive it.

Those Who Adapt Quickly to New Reality Will Prey on Those Who Have Not! Prepare Your Mindset TODAY!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Just how quickly seemingly normal people can become vicious animals even when law enforcement is present
  • Which groups will quickly step in to fill the power vacuum once the rule of law collapses. 
  • What you might be able to offer those in power to keep yourself and your family safe. 
  • What you’re doing right now that’s endangering you after social collapse… and what you should be doing instead. 
  • And much, MUCH more!

When the power goes down, the water stops working and the food shipments stop coming your biggest threat isn’t going to be a lack of resources… it’s going to be your fellow man. Learn how to begin preparing yourself today.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are You Preparing For The Grid To Go Down? Got Any Secrets Of Off-Grid Survival To Share?
Let Us Know How You’re Preparing for Grid Collapse…

  • Baba Prajna says:

    Many people who go to prison are offered food, drinks and favors by seemingly kind people who will then take advantages of them. Refuse all favors, and find ways to pay your own way.

  • Horace R Busch says:

    Wow! Absolutely eye opening info. Thank you both for this very informative session!!!

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