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Warrior Fit: How To Be “Hard To Kill” When Danger Strikes [#431]

Following last week’s rant on the disturbing stats of the poor fitness level of modern military recruits…

… it only seems fitting to help those of you with intentions of getting in better shape with some additional information on “how” and “what” you should be training.

Ready for some more tough love?

Good – because this week I brought in our new “excuse-buster extraordinaire”, Dan John, to offer a boost for your body!

In this “sneak peek” interview, you’ll hear Dan’s holistic approach to a drastically more functional way to look at your fitness program that’s easy to get started with… and will yield you amazing results in no time flat!

How To Build Your Body, Your Mind, And Your Spirit To Be “Hard To Kill” When Danger Strikes…

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How Dan’s “Concept First” strategy will maximize your long-term results for a body you can count on for decades to come!
  • Why “Frankenstein” has no place in your exercise program if you’re looking to achieve optimum fitness, flexibility, and mobility!
  • Forget “cardio”… forget “arm day”… forget “the burn”! Dan has 3 exercises that work even better for fat-burning and overall fitness! (Hint: You’re already doing all 3 of these every day!)
  • The only 5 movements Dan prescribes for his trainees – from Olympic athletes and special ops soldiers… to the everyday Joe/Jane looking for peak performance!
  • The ancient “survival training” of our ancestors that even your kids and grandkids can do TODAY!
  • How the “Five 2’s” will map out the perfect pathway for your personal fitness program every single day… for the next 20 years!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Getting in shape has never been easier – or more fun and practical – as the program Dan will help you design for yourself!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What’s Your CURRENT “Warrior Fitness” Program Consist Of? What Will You Do Next?
Please Share Your “Lead By Example” Tips With Your Fellow Warriors Below…

  • JG Raynor says:

    It all starts in the morning. Honoring my creator first. Then a 12- 16 minutes stretch out. Can be less could be more. From the proper neck stretch,, arms to fingers, shoulders to sides, back, abs, hips, legs, down to the feet. TaiChi is similar, but a person development since my High School years continues through today(I’m 65yo) that I developed. You will have breathing and a little sweat.

    • Thomas Allen says:

      Mr. Raynor, I actually practice your suggestions here myself in the morning. Additionally, I am right there in your age group. I will be turning 67 years old in two weeks. Thank you for your contribution here. As a footnote, I will add that I can still do a lot of things that the average man my age can no longer do. Consistent training is worth it!

      • JG Raynor says:

        Yes indeede Old Chinese saying Stretch your body Stretch your Life


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