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This Thing Is $25 On Amazon – Lets Carjackers, Home Invaders Track You

A certain tech company (namely Apple) has long been at the forefront of developing helpful new consumer technology.

(Apple changed how we listen to music, for example, and now, most of us use our phones for that.)

But a new device the company has introduced has opened up HUGE security issues when it comes to carjacking and even home invasions… and it’s so cheap that any crook can buy it and use it.

That’s why we need to discuss…

Any Creep Can Buy This $25-Dollar Spy Tracking Device

Apple Airtag Carjacking Spying

The device in question is the Apple AirTag.

This is a little hand-held disc that can fit on a keychain.

The idea is that you can attach the AirTag to your phone, your keys, your laptop, or anything else you might lose, and then Apple’s app will let you locate it (no matter where it is).

AirTagThe network of OTHER Apple devices in the area can even be used to find an AirTag that has gotten too far away from you.

But I’m betting you see the problem here.

I looked on Amazon and found that you can buy a 4-pack of these for a hundred bucks.

That means for #25 USD, anybody who wants to slap an AirTag under your car’s bumper can track the car back to your house… invade your home… carjack you or steal the vehicle out of your driveway… and even attack you and your loved ones.

I mean, think about it:

A rapist sees a woman he likes the looks of, so he drops an AirTag into her open purse or coat pocket while a partner distracts her… and then they follow her home.

A car thief sees a car he likes, so he tags the car in broad daylight… and then comes back to steal the vehicle later.

The criminal applications are limited only to the crook’s imagination.

This technology is only going to get smaller and cheaper, so you need to take steps to watch out for this kind of thing:

  1. Always check your pockets and your purse if you’ve been in crowds or had any “weird” encounters with people who seemed a little too friendly.
  2. Regularly check your car to make sure there are no tagging devices attached.
  3. Keep your vehicle locked with a steering wheel lock (which makes the car less attractive to car thieves, even though these aren’t foolproof).


If you find an AirTag, you can use an iPhone or NFC-capable smartphone to scan the tag for data, but do NOT do that — instead, take the AirTag to your local police and let THEM do it.

(That way you don’t risk connecting your phone to anything owned by the would-be thieves.)

These are just a few personal security tips relative to tracking technology.

Can you think of others?

Share your tips in the comments below!

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